1. Milk Steak

  2. Cheese

  3. the smell of bleach

did i miss anything?

What is milk steak? Never heard of it.

Edit: Never mind. I just googled it. Steak boiled in milk as a joke. White fish tastes pretty poached in milk FYI!

Kitten Mittons


gotta have that milk steak over easy

Also, Wolf Cola.

Tony romo

how? cowboys fans never shut up about him. He was a good qb that could never get over the top. Plenty of them that have been around, based on his undergrad he certainly changed some peoples opinions of smaller schools qbs

lmao i just saw OPs account is named charlie work. Makes this significantly funnier, well done

President Trump

1 wipers


Whatever happened to music you could just get weird to? Underrated: weird 90s alt rock:


Cant forget the Rum Ham.


Mm mm rum ham w pork soda. You’ll be feelin just fine.

This thread sucks. #freeCvM


+1 butttttt… he isnt really banned

It pains me to say this as a Giants fan, but I do think Romo gets way too much blame for the 'Boys lack of success in the playoffs. If you look objectively at his playoff numbers, they are actually quite good. I don’t know how the rest of the country looks at him and the 'Boys, but there is no question that in the NYC/Philly area, the media message is that Romo is the reason why Dallas has had no post-season success.

Eh idk about that so much in regards to how he is looked at. There are the Philly fans that hate him with a blind passion sure, but I think most level headed fans look at him similar to how fans look at McNabb, a good QB that just through a combination of not having elite coaching and supporting staff was never able to get over the hump.

I put it more on coaching than Romo himself. I just think anyone saying he is underrated is off base because he does get a good amount of love. Only people who blindly support their teams no matter what think hes under/overrated. Hes was a very good QB, not elite.

^Interesting that an Eagles fan would compare Romo to McNabb as being similar. McNabb was far better than Romo and had much greater success.