Unofficial poll not looking good for Trump

Talked to my central PA gun dealer, busiest summer they’ve ever had, people trying to get ahead of a Biden gun ban, no AR’s to be found anywhere. Seems like Trump areas throwing in the towel after 2020’s abysmal start.



regions, not sure what the confusion is

It sounded as if a verb – “is”, for example – were intended there.

I was driving to Baltimore through Pennsylvania last fall. There was a barn somewhere on the 15 that had a yuuuuuuge “Trump 2020” painted on the side. I wonder if it’s still there.

Didn’t the same thing happen in 2015?

Perhaps not; in 2015 was Trump telling people that he might quit the race?

On route 15?

Not at this level, the gun store owner I’m close with said its all time by a mile. Anyhow at this point I think its gotten so bad that all the Trump side has is that they’ve polled poorly before, doesn’t feel the same to me this time. Coming into 2020 I thought he had it with the economy etc, but with how things have played out I don’t see it even if he had handled it well.

Please try to be as literal and accurate as possible, BS. Honestly, your spelling and grammar errors are really taking away from your message. Thank god there are folks here to make sure you’re as accurate as possible there. This is a forum of professional ■■■■, er, analysts.

Yup. I could have thrown a rock in the Susquehanna. I think I was just north of Harrrisburg.

Trump would never quit the race. That is fake news. Same thing was said after the locker-room talk tape was released.

I have listened to tons of hours of Trump, from various times in his life, motivating people. And he says the most important thing is to never give up.

I used to be able to google this quote but it’s buried now. From here, starts at 8:50:

Trust me on this, he would NEVER give up.

Man that’s right through my old stomping ground, brings back good memories. If you take 15 south towards Maryland (about 15 minutes past Harrisburg and Camp Hill) you literally drive right past my parents farm near Gettysburg.

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with biden promising to increase taxes too. should be interesting. i hope biden doesnt increasing spending.

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No way any president will ever be able to pull off taking 300 million guns back. That’s exactly why O’bama couldn’t ban guns. I wish these extreme 2nd ammendmenters would calm down.

You’re missing the point. Clinton banned AR’s in the 90’s very strictly for a 10 year period that expired on a technicality. Yes, old stuff was grandfathered in but people were caught off guard and there wasn’t good inventory etc. High capacity mags were impossible to find. Anyhow, so now people stock up. That said, of course some could collect all the guns, there’s just no need to do it quickly. Throw a 20 year mandatory jail sentence on anyone caught with one and allow a holiday each year where you can turn yours in without penalty. Good people get caught during fire calls, etc, routine inspections, the wife badgers them with the fear of a broken family, the fear gnaws at them and as time passes the vast majority will trickle in. 300M seems like a lot but many of those are in terrible state of repair and a lot of owners have multiple and once a ban goes into effect they will not part with them for any price, so people that want them or find them integral find it to be a problem.

Maybe I should pick up a .50 cal…

Hahaha… I can’t wait to see the protests. For arguments sake, I hope it happens now.

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