Vaccines...yes or no?

which of yall do and do not vaccinate yall kids? i know some of you dont, stand up and be heard

I do.

We had all of our kids vaccinated.

Seems stupid not to.

It reminds me of Melinda and Bill Gates.

Both our kids receive all vaccinations recommended by the AAP. We did space them out a bit in the first couple of years though because we thought 4 or 5 different vaccinations in one visit was a bit much.

I had them all when I was little. I am unsure if I would get them for kids I have in the future. I don’t get flu shots.

When I started at my current hospital I had to go through all kinds of screenings including immunizations. There wasn’t any option of not having them. If you didn’t have them, you had to get them or you couldn’t get your badge.

definitely. all kids get all vaccines. it is incredibly selfish not to get the vaccines as you are relying on the majority to get the vaccines for your own protection. also, in canada, ontario at least, you can’t go to school without your vaccines.

Also, if you go in the military, in boot camp, you walk through this line and just get shot up by retractable needles. The shot in your ass feels like you got hit with a paintball gun or something.

why wouldnt you?

Not getting vaccines is great as long as your kid never plans on getting on an airplane or traveling outside the US.

I had them all and my kids getting them do. Few weeks ago my lil’one got 4 shots at one sitting.

Someone I followed closely in nutrition and trained with was against them, but I never discussed it in depth nor did the research. Any time I questioned his research he had pretty good evidence to back it up. And yes, there were opposing sides. He and his wife are on the same side of the issue and will not vaccinate their children. I can ask them more before I go through the process, but I would have to research the matter before making a decision. I’m nowhere near having kids as far ask I know right now either. I understand that most people do vaccinate and it is pretty mainstream.

ACE I really dont understand how you can be involved in the healthcare field at all and be on the fence for vaccines. There is no credible evidence that any of the vaxxer crowd has presented other than generic fear mongering. Everyone I know involved in the field would laugh if it didnt mean helpless children didnt suffer due to their idiot parents

Yeah, most of the “evidence” used by the anti-vaxers has been either thoroughly discredited or disproven under peer review or isn’t peer reviewed at all. You basically just wind up with an echo chamber of confirmation bias that sounds great until you actually dig into it.

what about autism bro? Jenny Mccarthy says my kid might develop it.

Yea the vaxxer crowd is your typical Facebook share crowd. They share these wildly incorrect articles on facebook and talk about how they “know some one who has a child with issues and they only noticed it become apparent after their kid got vaccinated”

Well duuh, many developmental issues arent apparent when the child is born. I just hope their children will be ok even though they are idiots. I was reading about a person who was from an african country talking about how ridiculous it is that people in America choose not to get vaccinations, as that person had seen what these things can do to save lives in their communities once introduced.

As I have said before, I haven’t researched this topic in depth. But, I bet the success rate is 99.1% or so. I’ll probably go mainstream when the time comes and have the toddlers get the shots. They will probably be ok.

I went through healthcare training but they didn’t cover vaccinations. I’m not in that field. I’m in Neuroscience. I’m sure I could ask a bunch of the MDs and they would probably agree they are a good thing.

I plan to adopt a bunch of kids, put them in various hazardous situations, and just see which one survives. It’s part of my quest to develop the ultimate being. Maybe I will try to splice some shark DNA into them when the technology emerges.

Getting vaccines just increases the expected cost of raising a child. Why would anyone do that. I mean, heck, children get boring after a few years anyway, and parents want more time to themselves. If they die of measles or whooping cough, just think of the savings on education costs…