Valedictorian brags about being in US illegally

This girl tweets she’s at UT got a full ride, and then adds that she’s here illegally. (Oh excuse me: she’s “undocumented”). If I was illegal, id sure as hell keep it to myself. On what planet does it make sense to tell the world you are here illegally, not paying taxes, getting services such as education, healthcare and feeding off real tax payers? Is this how stupid the new generation is? Or evidence that the US is so lax about illegal immigration (which is a crime), that illegals are openly like “ha ha I’m here illegally. Thanks for your money!”


I take you are for Trump? hehe.

While an incredibly stupid move, girls clearly smart. We should probably try and keep her here.

It’s funny… Canadians (and other outsiders) condemn Trump for speaking out against illegals but this would NEVER happen here. Border services would boot her out tomorrow. Only the U.S. seems so tolerant of illegals.

Well, I think the point she was trying to make (to her friends based on her alarmed response) was that not all illegals are the criminals they’re depicted as. She’s an 18 year old kid that made the classic social media misjudgement and now has a situation that has spiraled out of hand. I don’t think she considered her actions and how they would impact her parents who have done so much to provide this opportunity for her. I feel bad but it was incredibly stupid. Hard to judge though given the dumb things I did at that age.

^ Aren’t all illegals defacto criminals? Is it not criminal to be illegally present in the United States?

There appears to be defacto immunity if you are a non-white illegal.

Illegal imigrants pay taxes.

So do rapists and murderers.

The tax dollars they bring in is a complete joke compared to the costs. Education, hospitalizations, fake documentation, etc. The best estimates even the liberal media can quote is 11 billion in taxes, too bad they never mention the 10x in spending from the at least 20 million illegals (not even counting the anchor babies that automatically become citizens). Just 1 example. So many hospitals have gone out of business because by law they can’t turn away anyone, and when 40% come in Hispanic, and then most leave without paying and never pay, the hospital either goes under, or charges the legal citizens $50 for 2 pills of pain killer or $30k for an overnight stay. Hospitals have a line item to account for total non paying revenue lost, you can find the racial stats.

If she doesn’t have a visa or a green card, but came here because of her parents’ decision, she may well be under duress, which would make her deportable but not a criminal. She can be detained pending deportation, but she cannot be imprisoned for a crime (unless she’s been convicted of something like robbery or something).

Also, all criminals have broken the law but not all law breakers are criminals. If you’ve ever had a parking ticket or a speeding ticket, it means you’ve broken a law, but it doesn’t mean you are a criminal. So just because she’s here illegally doesn’t necessarily mean she’s a criminal.

But her point that it is perfectly possible to be here in violation of immigration laws and otherwise be an upstanding citizen, and not the murderers and rapists that Trump says the Mexicans keep sending us.

Sure she may not have robbed a bank or stolen a neighbor’s bike, but the fact that she is using social services provided by the state and federal government (that legal citizens are paying for), is fundamentally no different than theft. You get or use something without paying. Theft.

What is your point? In the OP, says:

You have to really hate hispanics if you are at the point where you need to start inventing your own facts.

Why do you assume that all Hispanics are illegal immigrants?

Only if we establish that she didn’t pay taxes that were due (using standards similar to how we check on our own citizens for unreported income). Plus we know that she paid sales taxes so there is definitely some paying in to the system. Schools are mostly paid by local property taxes, so if her family paid property taxes or paid rent to someone who paid property tax, she’s paid for school and police just like anyone else here. You are just throwing rocks at the wal hoping that some stuff sticks, inspector Javert.

I dare say that probably a lot of people have graduated high school without paying any federal income taxes yet. Are they all thieves???

The IRS is happy to collect taxes from anyone who is here and has earned money. They only have trouble with people who don’t pay.

Well played Geo…

She should marry a white kid and stay there for long term benefits.

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