Vegas Wedding

The lady and I may be headed to EDC Las Vegas with the intent of tying the knot on our one year dating anniversary. Anybody here ever get married at a Vegas chapel? Any advice?

I would watch a documenary movie called Hangover, to familiarize with all pitfalls with Vegas partying/weddings

She’s been dreaming of getting married in Vegas since she was 5 y/o…

Edit: I made a snarky response to the above but then realized we’re possibly getting married in Vegas so who cares.

^It’s true. You’re posting in the Water Cooler that you’re getting married in Vegas. Surely you understand that there will be sarcasms and witticisms made, right?

The only thing stupider would be saying that you’re fat and need to lose weight. But nobody’s here’s THAT hacksaw. I’d rather go to NYU than get fat.

My advice would be to skip Vegas and have a quiet garden ceremony with only your closest friends and family, but you will ignore this, so I guess it doesn’t matter.

Yeah we were planning on a small outdoor wedding but then realized we’ll already be in Vegas and it appleals to both of us. We figured we’d have a small reception and ceremony back home then for friends and family.

since vegas weddings already set a certain standard i would say throw your finest stillers jersey on top of your tux and call it a day

Will it be a Star Wars or Elvis theme? I’d suggest finding a chapel that gifts you casino chips. Here is a reputable place too that she’ll fawn all over.

Will it be a Star Wars or Elvis theme? I’d suggest finding a chapel that gifts you casino chips. Here is a reputable place too that she’ll fawn all over.

BS, I think you’re probably one of the most rational people in WC, so please reconsider. Not that it matters where you get married but the stigma associated with Vegas is not worth the hassle defending. In the long run you are better off getting married in front of a small group of family and friends, for your sake, family’s sake, and kid’s sake.

At this point I feel confident we will elope but it’s more come down to whether or not to do it in Vegas. Although we are already in Vegas at that point with friends so it seems pretty likely. Plus we both like the idea. Oddly enough, I was looking at a wedding survey by one of the major magazines and #8 on regrets was “Not eloping.”

We’re pretty lucky because I don’t really think we feel the need to defend it, our family will be fine, my friends are all for it and the baby will be fortunate just to have a loving family. I have a history of doing things in an unorthodox fashion so I don’t think anyone would be too suprised.

It was funny because I called one of my best friends to pitch the idea of him coming along to Vegas in general and he started to tell me he was thinking about going along but with the intent to marry his GF on that trip so it seems to be going around. I should add that this was her idea.

There are other options besides the little white chapel like going to Reno for a Lake Tahoe wedding or a Bellagio wedding:

Sounds like you’ve thought it through. Of course none of us know you personally so maybe this is something right down your alley - in which case, I wish you all the best - it’s all about you and her and the kid afterall.

Small weddings are the way to go. Enjoy yourselves.

BlackSwan- in all seriousness, wedding day is her day. She’s been dreaming about this event ever since she was a little girl, and talked about it with her friends every year since then. Just like a girl’s wish to live in a 2-story house with a white picket fence and have a boy and a girl, she has also wanted to have a special ceremony with a beautiful wedding gown. And now it comes down to Vegas, really?!?

If she is really all for it, then great. You’ve found a special girl who sounds like she is pretty cool. But at the end of the day, I think the only worse place that a couple could set up this kind of organized event at is a golf course (while people are actually playing golf that day).

And think of it from her parents’ perspective – if you guys elope behind their back, they’ll dislike you from the start. If you’re trying to keep the costs to a minimum, do the backyard thing and let Daddy give her daughter away while Mom cries tears of joy. Remember- they’ve been dreaming of this day, too.

Whatever you end up doing, I’m wishing you two the best.

  1. It was her idea.

  2. Your 1950’s description of girls just made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  3. God help men that get stuck with overgrown 5 year old princesses.

  4. We already have a daughter, I’m pretty sure the parents can weather the shock of us getting married.

Nothing wrong with getting hitched in Vegas. In fact it sounds pretty fun and cool to me. I know a few couples that have done this and all are still together and doing fine.

I got married in Vegas not long ago. I highly recommend it.

Mine was a destination wedding, opposed to eloping, though. So, we had about 50 guests show up, which included about 10 uninvited guests / crashers. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

The whole notion of getting black out drunk and waking up married is impossible since you have to go get a license ahead of time, and the office is only open standard government hours. There’s no real background check or blood test, like some states do, which makes it an easy process.

We got married on the strip and then had our reception off the strip in a suite, which was a blast.

Happy to answer any questions.

I forgot, all you Millennials are sick of that old-fashioned way of doing things like getting to know her, marrying several years later and *then* having a baby.

BS- I don’t know you and have nothing against you, so don’t take my comments as a personal attack. I’m just saying I think you did it in the wrong order.

Hope you guys can find a good babysitter and make it a memorable elopement.