Violence is Coming

I think we will be in something of a violent civil war within the next year or so. The libtards will continue to escalate (with the continued support of globalists like Soros) and nightly stories of civilian clashes will become the norm, particularly in large cities. I don’t see anything on the horizon to de-escalate things and reverse the direction we’re headed. put it in the bank.

I don’t see it, all bark, no bite. People are too comfortable to revolt.

At some point Trump’s anti-American policies may go too far and the people will have to do something. Sad but that’s what happen when you play with fire.

civil war is necessary to purge these rednecks and send them to meet their maker jesus. with their mean iq gonna be a blowout. even military veterans true patriots hating these conmen and racists. kek


Most likely, they will just donate more and more money to political interests that support their beliefs. Armed revolt is for people who don’t already have billions of dollars collectively to influence policy.

TF has completely gone off the rails. Although I will support his new avatar, its a big hat, its funny because its big.

like the time i said trump was going to win?

Infowars not my meme - but pertinent to TF Image result for infowars meme

You didnt go off the rails because of what you said, its the manner in which youve said it. You listen to too much infowars stuff dude.

it’s independent analysis of the facts bro. just step back and look at everything in its totality. you on facebook? is your feed getting more or less clogged with partisan rhetoric? Is that rhetoric getting more or less forceful?


You’re not only calling a war, but a timeline - why don’t you short the markets if you’re so sure…

regular violent clashes is what i’m saying is going to happen. i used the words “something of a civil war” but regular violent clashes between libtards and peace-loving citizens/police is what i’m really trying to say, localized to “blue” cities because the libtards wouldn’t dare step to people in a red city.

turd the fird is right but it will be law abiding liberals adhering to the constitution like the patriotic ACLU who will be provoked by racist rednecks like bannon and pushed too far. blue states will break away because they have the economy and smarts.

rednecks and jesus loving whites will go back to the rust belt and die on heroin overdoses becoming extinct. good riddance. blue states will build a wall to keep the stupids out and focus on science technology and innovation.

tick tock tick tock on don the con

Well, it sure seems like Don the Con is trying to give fuel to ISIS for an attack on US soil while simultaneously gutting the State Department, impeding the intelligence community, creating chaos and generally reducing the ability of the US counter-terrorism network to predict an attack on US soil. Then, when an attack comes Bannon can have his Reichstag fire moment. Unfortunately for them, the US is far from a Weimar republic and senior military are already questioning this idiocy.

so much fantasy in one post, congrats!

It seems Godwin’s law has been applied more frequently than usual in this forum since the election.

Wrong, about Godwin’s law (look it up). No person is being compared to that specific leader. A historical reference is not the same thing.

@turd, maybe you should actually talk to some SEALs instead of masturbating to the SealFit vids. Since know some by virtue of living near an ocean, I have. People are very uneasy about what this administration is doing by cutting out the experts.

i have family in the military and the justice department. trump is universally receiving A+ marks from patriots.

The person in charge of HRC’s electronic records and 5 of his deputies resigned. How does that constitute gutting?

This is not about policy effects. The reason why Trump is doing this is to fulfill his promise to the Turds of the country who voted for him on the back of policies like this. They’ll remember this and vote for him again in 2020.