I am looking to get a decent blender since we are big veggie eaters and the good thing about blenders is you actually mix and blend everything and you dont get an insulin spike from all that sugar in the juice.So the other day this dude in costco was selling really decent vitamix blenders with a 100 dollar discount,the price was still high (around 400) however we really fell in love with it.The other decent alternative is the ninja brand which is around 200(the best one) so I am thinking about buying one for black friday ,any suggestions ?

By the way as I mentioned above we will use the machine daily so over time the cost is not the main factor,however if they do somehow have the same performance I think going with the ninja is the better alternative.



Vitamix > ninja. Nothing pulverizes like a vitamix. You could run a lawnmower with the motor they put in it. Worth the extra $ imo.

AF used to be cool…now we’re discussing blenders for our gluten free fiber smoovie clenses…

Says the colon cleanser

We all want that Power of Oneness spiritual feeling.

dude get smart and get blendtec. its the official Mixxer of a BSD plus 8 year warranty.®-Total-Blender-with-WildSide-Jar-%26-Twister-Jar.product.100052400.html

Thats super cool,I am looking into it actually

Get Vitamix. Apparently you can even heat stuff inside that thing.

Any $300+ blender should be a phenomenal appliance. I’ve never had difficulty making smoothies with my $25 Cuisiniart or whatever namesless thing that is. A $300 blender had better obliterate any food, solid object, or small animals you put in there. I don’t know what extra features justify the jump to $600 blenders. Does it teleport you through time or something?

the one above is what i have. not only does it make amazing smoothies it also makes, peanut butter, almond butter, soups, ice cream, etc

^Have you tried Vitamix ? Now that you mentioned this one I am stuck between these 3 blenders

As Blake would say, does the product of the $600 blender taste 24x better than the $25 blender? Hell no, you zip.

^ Respect.

Nutribullet. Next question

BlendTec, just cause their videos are too awesome

^Don’t pretend like you haven’t seen my posts and message to you. What’s the deal my ninja? Why are my posts getting nuked?

You need to calm the fk down, cvm.

^ Let’s discuss like professionals. What’s the problem with asking about my deleted posts?

I asked Itera for his .02 regarding ER. He ignored me. I made a mockery post which was taken down, which was not unexpected. I sent him a messaged asking to squash the beef and help out these new upcoming analysts in their ER interviews all over the Careers board. He ignored me, and even deleted some of my suggestions in the careers section.

All I wish for is an explaination. That is all.

BPO/Call centre oriented Indians don’t deserve explanation!!Why did you ask Itera about ER?

MF! CFA/FRM and all other certifictions will not help you to jump from BPO to FO.

You’ve posted a lot of inflammatory crap recently and so anything even mildly objectionable you post is now fair game for deletion or more. Perhaps there was one useful post that got caught in the crossfire, but if you hadn’t been busy constantly posting that Asians have small dicks and all Indians must go and stuff like that you would have gotten the benefit of the doubt.

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