So today was the worst day in my life, until I got a letter from department of state saying my visa has been approved.


Feel so happy

That’s great, but why was it the worst day before that?

I guess when you get your US passport, don’t forget to vote Trump 2020. Tank.

congrats lil cubbie

because of the S.C which favored the travel ban and general visa restrictions.

I guess by the time I get my U.S passport I will have to vote yes to King Trump in a single candidate election but hey MAGA.

ur just lucky u werent vetted extremely bro. youll be waterboarded sooner or later

great news. good luck brother. seize the day.

good news! Be tankful!

good news mate, i hope your recovery is going well too.

nice job scb…'murica

Congratulations!! :+1:

Yo SCB, what do you think about this?


that pic is def full of tanks

nice one



Seriously though Iran is a safe country for y’all to visit .

Iran … on the bucket list for places I want to travel. No question about it.

Who else?

^ Moi, no question.

Places have to do : Iran, Lebanon, cycle across the DRC and trans siberian from Moscow to Beijing via Ultaan Bataar. 10 k im hoping should be enough

The only and I repeat only danger U.S citizens may face when traveling to Iran is if they are dual citizens of Iran and the U.S.This is simply because Iran does not recognize the dual citizenship of its own citizens and may prosecute the dual citizens who are affiliated with the political movements abroad.

Thanks man

God bless President Trump and lock her up!

SCB, how is the treatment coming along?

It’s over. Thankfully it was a slow growing tumor, thank for asking.