Wall Street Warriors.

http://www.hulu.com/videos/search?query=Wall+Street+Warriors I know that mojohd.com has episodes, but they are disorganized, random, and some are missing. This site has all episodes from both seasons organized and accessible.

awesome. been waiting for later episodes to post.

so what exactly does that skinny blonde girl with the big head do?

that is the weakest show.

she’s into building models in horizontal position.

cmon i saw a few episodes of season 1… with that jewish college guy who turned 13k into 2 mil. it’s entertaining to watch him trade

how did he do that and over what kind of time period? thats insanity… 13k into 2mil???

around 4 years till college graduation. that was during 01-02 and he was shorting small caps if i remember correctly.

I don’t take WSW seriously, but it’s fun/funny to watch. I’d like to see a show that follows beginning CFA candidates through completion of the process [could last the length of a normal show…7 years, lol], with the drama before and after the exams, and with white-knuckled segments of them posting on AnalystForum.

I watched an episode of this show recently. I was shocked to hear that the financial advisors had a huge chunk of their entire company’s assets in SNDK. They basically made a giant bet on a single stock. It baffles me that people like this are actually allowed to manage money. I wonder how they’re doing now seeing that they bought in around $44 and the stock’s trading at $21 today.

They were stock brokers, not financial advisors. They get paid to sell and don’t care what happens to thier clients. Of course, the more their clients make, the more money they will make, but thats it. What about that Brett guy, Private equity, is that guy for real? He’s very young and seems like he’s living a good lifestyle, driving Ferrari’s and jumping into helecopters.

CFAdummy Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > > What about that Brett guy, Private equity, is that > guy for real? He’s very young and seems like he’s > living a good lifestyle, driving Ferrari’s and > jumping into helecopters. Ya, seems like he has made a nice career for himself. Here’s his bio: http://www.aegiscapitalgroup.com/team.php?teamID=1&v=s

So is Aegis capital a defensive company?

Aegis is scrappy, the partners are scrappy. you think that place is legit? talk about a shell.

yeah we’re in the same space as aegis, putting $3-8MM to use. don’t know the fund or their performance firsthand but i recognized some faces at that columbia event. impressive for a 28 yr old but he can’t be that baller.

fredfunker04, you think he’s a fake? He’s driving all these cars and riding planes. I heard that the cars are rented for the show or something. It’s probably true. I’ve seen him drive a Ferrari and then a Bentley.

Actually, the squeeze is a pretty interesting episode. The floor trader is selling futures and he’s getting someone else to buy futures for him. He’s manipulating the market. It seems pretty cut throat, everybody is lying to everyone and trying to make money on Orange futures. He lost 900k in that one day. That must have sucked.

not saying he’s fake. just that they’re a young fund so i don’t know if they’ve had any realizations or carried interest yet. they’re living off $2MM in LP management fees and any fees they charge on their portfolio companies to fund their operating expenses and salaries for 12 people. i’m not saying he’s fake i’m just saying there’s a lot of bigger fish in the pond but still very impressive for his age.

i saw some episodes of this crap. a poor advert for the biz. that kid tim - i felt like giving him a spanking - the totally disrespectful way he spoke to his mom, the way he called her names, and the way he lets her clean his toilets…i mean, really, this is just shameful. that airhead sandra - ‘i need a drink’ when her boss explains to her what trend trading is. geez, just 'cos you’re a fake blonde…gosh even if you were a real one…

That kid Tim who grew his Bar Mitzvah $ into 2mil apparently closed his fund last year after it lost 1/3 of its value. http://www.nypost.com/seven/09212007/gossip/pagesix/partys_over_for_hedge_king.htm