Walter White

Does he get killed? I’m leaning towards no but his family will. Hopefully Skyler gets killed at least. I hate that woman.

Yeah, it would be too obvious to kill him. It would be ironic if everyone dies except him, since the whole premise of the show was that he started making meth just to save his family before he died from cancer.

Skyler is a great character to dislike. I think that is the idea.

I was going to say the same thing. It would be ironic if he kills his family, since he got into the whole situation in order to save them from his own death.

i just saw that Netflix has Season 5 available now. I had only watched to Season 4 until now, so I got some catching up to do!

I finished getting caught up on Netflix last night. Unfortunately I don’t get AMC so I can’t watch tonight.

^ the piratebay?

For a long time I thought it would end with Walt killing Jessie and completing his transformation into a heartless bastard drug lord.

Now I think either Jessie or Skyler will kill Walt.

I’d be very surprised if Walt jr and holly make it out alive.

They can’t kill Walter White, that would be ridiculous. Let’s be serious here.

I’m certain skylers sister is gonna die. I’m pretty sure the only reason for her the entire series was so that they could kill her at the end.

What we do know is that Walt was alone on his 52 birthday buying a big fcking gun in New Hampshire. I’m thinking the whole family is dead.

^ skyler’s sister really hasn’t added much to the show up to this point.

if there is anything I have learned from Breaking Bad it is that the thing that you expect to happen is the farthest from the truth. If I was to venture an off the wall guess, I say Walt ends up in prison, Jesse ends up as a rich bum, and Walt kills Hank.

I seriously love some of walt’s lines tonight…notably “tread water”

i was thinking that the ricin behind the plug socket was destined for holly but maybe marie will find it. even though she’s an adult she’d be stupid enough to eat something she found in a capsule taped behind a plug socket.

very true, the ending won’t be predictable.

I’m expecting a lot though from it though, if its anywhere near as good as the endings to series 3 and particularly 4 it will secure it’s place as my favourite ever tv series.

I’m worried that this season is gonna spend to much time on morality. I wish they’d just kill jesse already. Somebody gives you 5 million bucks, dont feel bad about it.

Finally! I am in the same boat.

I don’t watch Breaking Bad anymore because I’m a REAL fan who got addicted to crystal meth and sold my TV.

watched the 1st episode and it went in a totally different direction than I thought. I was expecting things to be drawn out.

I don’t think they’ll overplay the morality aspect. hopefully they’ll let the audience draw their own conclusions

I’m going to start using the line ‘maybe…you’re best course would be to tread lightly’ at work. could maybe through in a ‘yo’ for good measure

Everyone loves Jesse. Unless they bring in George RR Martin to write the last episode, Jesse won’t get killed.

Edit: bitch

Another forum had a thread going about this. Apparantly BB has some theme where orange is the color of death (no idea where it comes from), and Hank wear’s a lot of orange. My money says Hank kills Walt in the end, possibly motivated by something happening to his wife, but honestly he’s so pissed right now he’ll probably do it on principle. I don’t see Walt intentionally hurting any of his family though…but we’ll see.

Like I said, the whole reason for Skyler’s sister to be in this show is so that Walt can somehow kill her and once and for all make a full and complete enemy of Hank and Skyler.

Walt will kill Skyler’s sister and Hank’s wife. I’m certain of it.