Was I reported to CFAI for violation?

I seated for Level 2 last weekend. During the AM session after I read the pledge and fill in information. But then I missed the poctor saying please close your booklet,(actually I believe that the proctor didnt said “close the booklet” … she said something like continue reading with me in the front page.)

However, I kept on reading and rechecking the information on the answer sheet, until one proctor came over and closed the book for me. He did not say anything and did not even mention that he would report this to CFAI, and after that he just walked away.

I was sure at that time I was not in danger since I did not flip the page and the questions were pages behind, I put down my pen after signing the pledge, and I showed no intent to start early or whatever.

I found the same issue for me in this thread:


I am 100% confident you are ok. I sat in the first row, and proctors must have adjusted my items 3 or 4 times. If they see something off, they will adjust it. One proctor came to me and folded my test ticket and set it down. Another came and unfolded it an set it down. Another proctor picked up my calculator cover off my desk and set it on the floor below me.

Do not sweat it.

I forgot. A proctor came over and turned my answer sheet over. They adjust things all the time.

If they didnt hand you any note at the end you are OK.

One proctor came up, carried me in their arms and rocked me back and forth for a few minutes, then set me back down

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You should be fine.

Is this established working practice or a guess?

I have the same question. I thought that proctor can make a report of violation without notification/ discussion with candidates

I have the same question. I thought that proctor can make a report of violation without notification/ discussion with candidates

When you left, you should have asked them if you got written up. At my site, I saw paperwork on the proctors desk with “violation” and peoples names on it. I think they had to sign the paperwork like you got a ticket.

Ask someone on the site that has gotten a violation before if they had to sign it.

Soooo, here’s a little insight. I’ve been written up before for a violation. Back before fitness/gps smart watches were all the craze, I wore my garmin into the level 1 exam. I had it on my desk to keep time. 100% free of any bad intentions. about 15 mins into the exam a proctor came over and confiscated my watch. This was in 2015 before the instructions specifically stated you couldn’t have a smart watch. I checked the rules, and it said you could bring in a digital watch - thought to myself, okay, perfect, my garmin is legally a digital watch.

Long story short, CFAI sent me an email saying that I was in violation of the rules (my god I would have fought that so friggen hard though), but that they would still go ahead and count my exam, and that this would not count against my score. I ended up passing , but, I was never notified of a formal ‘violation’.

And now, it’s very clearly in the rules that smart watches, fitness trackers, those sorts of wearables are not allowed. Which means there were probably a million other similar violations for the same thing.

I do not believe the proctors are well-trained by CFAI, and given your situation, I doubt that they would report you. I was surprised during this year’s exam,

During AM, 40 minutes or so into the exam, one of the proctors from my section walked over to the dude that was sitting in front of me, she took his watch and placed it under his seat. I could hear her say, “sorry, you can’t have that.” The proctor was so subtle I don’t think he was written up. However, I never saw what kind of watch it was. What was the point of checking everyone’s calculators, watches, pencils, etc. before they sat you down?

During PM, 10 minutes before the exam, one of the proctors rushed to me and asked “did I mark on your ticket?” (Of course she did, she wrote down my seat number). Then she checked my exam ticket, picked up MY pencil, and checked the box next to the seat number. She forgot to check the box. I think this got her paranoid as she started asking people if the box on their tickets were marked.

How long after the exam did you receive this email?

it was the Tuesday before the results day.

There were some candidates at my exam centre who brought their Mobile Phone inside the exam hall. Proctor found it before the beginning of the exam so they took it away but imagine if they found it after the exam had started, it would have definitely voided their exam.

Ya some guy pulled out a cell phone right before the PM session started… He said he had it at lunch and forgot to put it away… The just grabbed it and put it in a bin… I dont think he had a violation.

put it in a bin? what if it was an iphone x :open_mouth:

They will report me? gosh :frowning: i am super nervous now.