Water cooler book club

If at least 4 of us can decide on a book to all read, could be cool! I won’t make any recommendation because I am sure there will be plenty. I’m open to anything.

YES! My recommendation is The Law of One (the Ra Material).

Communist Manifesto

I’m down.

Trump: The Art of the Deal


Howard Marks and Ray Dalio has books coming out next month that I plan on reading.

How to Solve It? by George Polya

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

As long as it’s not finance related, I’m down.


i think we should read different books and do a summary on each book so we can all benefit from each other’s hard work.

Power of Oneness by CvM

Lol, it seems like no one else shares this sentiment. I do agree, though. I read, study and practice finance related concepts all day (besides AF, that is).

There are free book summaries on the CFAI website

can you post link?

Hmm, I signed in just now and they moved everything around. It used to be under professional development, was a link to another site that had summaries of hundreds, maybe thousands of books. Not sure if still there.

These are both up next on my list.



Good reco’s, LTJ.

Those people are all try hards. There’s nothing in financial literature that’s actually “fun reading” or “immeasurably interesting”.

We already do this.

See the “read any good books” or “what ya’ reading” threads.

I’m cool with the non finance book idea. I would prefer to read something I would not normally read, actually. I recently read Skinner’s novel about a communal utopia, Walden Two. It was a challenge and well worth it. On this vein, The Art of the Deal is actually my top pick mentioned (even though it wss mentioned as a joke :stuck_out_tongue:)

I see what you mean. Now, the guy who mentioned bullsht jobs, is actually on to something.

That is top 10 book of all time for me.

OK! Ra Material it is! It’s free online, just google it.