WC exam candidates

IIRC, emichan is taking L2, and supyogov is on L3.

Any other WC regular taking the test this week?

Me for level 1.I highly doubt that I will pass though

Not till next weekend brah.

I’m taking level 2 (again) in a week.

Level 2. Not feeling very confident for it.

I’ve yet to meet anyone who left L2 and honestly felt like they crushed it.

I walked out of L2 a little queasy and really unsure about it. My friend who was taking L1, we hadn’t caught up in a while and just went to a bar a few blocks away and drowned it away.

Thought i failed both L1 and L2 but didnt. L2 definitely felt much worse about.

Not feeling too optimistic about L3.

ive never been in the position i am in now for either l1 or l2 with respect to understanding / amount of time spent w revision. I am in a really good spot but damn, i am beyond stressed out and overworked. I had a dream last night i was Dinklage (the midget from game of thrones) and i missed the exam but some how convinced the woman in charge to let me sit for it at 2 in the morning. anyway, back to the books . gl dwheats

l3 for me. GOING TO KILL IT. JK. who frigging knows amirite. im a gambler. so lets flip this coin and get this over with.

Taking LIII in a week. Not looking good so far. That might change in the next 5 days though.

I know better than to feel confident, but at least I feel better than last year. Not so much going on this time around, so I had a lot more opportunity to study. I’m just going to go full force this week in the hopes of getting by.

i don’t know about “crushing it”, but I knew I had passed it.

I have a sixth sense about exams. I always know when I’ve passed.

same here, but i alwyas know when I’ve failed

Honestly, I will say here because I can’t really say this at work, but pretty sure I won’t do well.

Work has been killing me the last month, two months actually. It went from busy to crazy. I took next week off so I’ll be in books the same way I was with work. I usually do well on tests. But i am in pretty high panic mode.

Glad to hear that is prob normal for L2 though. Good luck everyone.

They have to pass at least 40% of the exam takers, give or take, so might as well be you guys who were smart enough to join AF.

Good luck to all of you. Hopefully the CFAI has chosen only the material you all know inside and out.

L2 for me this week. definitely feel like it could go either way, haven’t reached well over 70 in a mock but for L2 i hear that is somewhat normal. wish me luck

When I left L2, I ended up huddling with some random Chinese FOB guys and we were complaining to each other how answer C of question 43 was supposed to be $11,001,100 and not $11,010,000, or something like that.

Anyway, I think it’s possible to leave L2 and ve 100% sure you passed. There is little ambiguity in the answers. L3, on the other hand is hard to be confident about, since it’s hard to know if the examiner will like your written responses.

I’m pissed because I came down sick, which is killing any ability to study. I hope I kick this thing quick.