"We really need some new discussion topics." - Plantir

I also concur with Plantir’s special request. So here we go.

Please share your favorite or most unique interesting hobby or interest and tell us about it. I’m pretty bored and could use some interesting discussion about new things I’m unfamiliar with.

My thread ain’t getting any love BS.


I can spin a basketball on my finger. I spent my childhood learning how to do it after seeing the Harlem Globetrotters. I can also juggle.

Paddle Tennis is a great sport, but it’s hard to find the appropriate courts. In NYC, in the Peter Cooper/Stuytown complex, they have several courts. It’s best to play doubles and run up to net and peg the opposing players.

I too play paddle. Who wouldn’t love giant ping pong? Great winter sport. It’s already getting to warm to play now.

Why is it a winter sport? I don’t even know what it is.

Seriously, the threads here suck lately.

Anyone ever checkout the misc @ bodybuilding.com? Its actually really entertaining reads/threads. The reason I actually checked it out is be/c Blake of all ppl mentioned the online community there.

Swannie, did you gain weight? You look heavier than you did when you had the picture where you looked like the dood from Twilight.

Edit: No Homo

Yeah right.

rock climbing: wish i could do more, most fun/focusing/fitness activity I have found

anyone do much mountain biking? I noticed new bikes nowadays run $1,500+ easy, used to be like $800 in the day.

No, but the first picture was actually more recent. So that may be it.

What area are you from? I have a ton of friends that are really into it, I just don’t have the time in the summers. Too many sports. It is awesome tho.

I was looking at trying to pick up a mountian bike as well, but you’re right about the costs. I hear the stumpjumper 29 is great.

im in the midwest, not exactly prime. Time is the issue for me too, but everytime I get out I love it. Sounds corny, but it really gives you some clarity time and good workout, plus good hangout time. I’ve traveled a bit to get it in, but unfortunately will never get to be a big thing for me as I missed the dirtbag climber years of my life.

Anyone here bike commute? If so, do you go messenger bag, backpack, or panniers and do you have reco for one you like?

Hey, what about that 10 year kidnapping story? Weirdest McDonalds product placement or what?

Swan, google “Venice Beach Paddle Tennis”

or “Stuytown paddle tennis tourney, NYC”

The balls bounce too much the warmer it gets. In paddle, more bouncy = bad. There are warm weather balls, but generally it’s thought of as a cold weather sport. Officially it’s called Platform Tennis because it’s played on a raised platform. Back east they put heaters under the platform to defrost the court so people can play in the dead of winter.

Tons of fun. Hard on the knees though.

I’ll take on anyone @ spin in NYC. Frequent poker player too (2/5s my game)

Sweet, do you guys play tennis then too? Always wanted to learn the more refined sports.

Spin is fun. I hosted a client event at the one in Milwaukee. Everyone loves beer and ping pong.

I just got into rock climbing after taking a trip to KY. There’s a good gym in the western suburbs of Chicago that I try to go to every couple weeks. I’m only climbing 5.9s, but I’m getting better quickly.

I like adventure races (not mud runs, real AR) but it’s tough to find a partner. So, I’ve picked up orienteering, which is a great way to get a ~5-7 mile trail run. The thorns suck though.

Also, summer softball starts tonight. I don’t know many people on my team (gf’s work friends) but I’m excited to swing a bat again.

I’m into Japanese Denim. To outsiders, it is an item of clothing. To insiders, it is an artistic expression.