Wedding Presents

So, this is yet another gift that has been added to the whole shebang (pun intended). Apparently, a groom and bride now give gifts to each other on their wedding day.

My gf claims she got the perfect present, so now I’m getting a little worried. Through some research, I know that she spent about $1700. WTF do you get a bride on her wedding day. I mean, jewels are the obvious choice, but I wonder if anybody has any other good ideas.

How about a wedding ring? That would be a pretty good gift.

Wait, so throwing down a big chunk of money on diamond ring is not enough now? Ok, I will just accept that as the state of the world. Yes, I agree that jewelry is the way to go. It might not be the most creative choice, but the failure rate will be low. Don’t sell puts if you don’t have to…

You’re getting married? Congrats, i suggest we through an AF bachelor party.

As for gifts, isn’t the ring that you will plant on her finger enough until next year?

You can always give her a boudoir photo session, perhaps with your favorite admin assistant, Tiffini, as a playmate???

I like bchad’s idea. Love “Tiffani” with the “i”

I expect when it’s my turn to get hitched, I’ll have “invested” enough money in a diamond ring so the likelihood that I would have any “follow-on” gifts is about as probable as a snowball’s chance in hell

So she bought you a $1700 gift? It better be a Big Green Egg, complete with table and accessories.

It seems that too many people are focused on the wedding and not on the marriage.

A Big Green Egg, however, can add lots of value to a marriage.

Don’t get jewlery. That’s like your grandmother buying you a sweater thinking you’re going to like it. I know if someone buys me something to wear there’s a 80% chance I will smile and wear it once. Seems like a lot of money to put on something she may not like. Why don’t you buy something for the marriage like a peice of furniture? Get her a set of copper pots/pans those are real nice. Get a nice jewlery box and a vanity dresser (some thing where women keep pretty stuff and sit down to apply it). Get her some statue/original art to put in your house/apartment you think she’d enjoy. I don’t know her obviously, but I heard some women tell me once to never buy a girl jewlery. Apparently they don’t like men tastes.

If jewelry is not an option, how about a multi purpose triangular pillow? It appears that the surface is smooth too, so it should be easy to clean.

Those are awesome. A sure hit in the home!

(On the other hand, a nicely wrapped pre-nup agreement in tasteful calligraphy on aged vellum is bound to go over well. :wink: )

Yeah, I really didn’t spend much money on the ring since it was an heirloom, so that’s not really a big deal. Her wedding band probably cost more. I don’t feel bad about spending some money on a wedding gift, it’s probably one of the last times we’ll spend a good chunk of money on each other for a while since we are saving big time now and after the wedding that’ll get more intense as we prep for a family…have to earn while it’s still spring, winter is coming.

Jewelry sounds like the way to go. I’ll just get something classy with part of my tax return.

BChad, that’s not a bad idea. She told me her friend thought I was hot the other day, so I’ll ask if she could do the shoot with her. I can’t imagine how that could go wrong…

Just write her a check for $2k. Then laugh as she depositis it into your joint account.

I’ve bought her jewelry before with success…she wears it all the time. If you know your woman’s style, jewelry is easy.

However, I really like your ideas. We already have a ton of really nice pots and pans for the bridal shower/wedding so while I think that is a great idea, can’t do that. We already got most of the furniture for our living room, office and bedroom. The only thing we really need is a nice kitchen table/chairs (mine is kind of sh!tty) but that’s kind of risky. The jewelry box/vanity dresser and the art is a good idea.

With all the existing wedding expenditures and the stress of planning things, that just seems over the top.

how about u buy 2k worth of call options on the vixxxxxxxxxx

Go down on her.

I actually like the idea of the photoshoot but of just the two of you. Create a tasteful “private” photo album for your eyes only…

Or that.

Though he’s got the rest of his life to do that.

Fill her with jealousy and insecurity. Double win! I just saw a Groupon for a photo shoot like that, it was only $75 or so.