Welcome Back. Please Don't Discuss Specific Questions

Congratulations on surviving a grueling exam. Now that the exam is over, please honor your pledge to the CFA Institute to not discuss specific questions or attempt to re-create the exam.

Thanks… Without discussing specifics… how does everyone think the exam went ?

which session did you find easy…AM or PM ?

Found PM easier… but went to the last minute with both sessions. Not sure if I did well enough to pass.

Don’t know how some people looked like they finished 30-45 mins early.

I managed to finish both papers within 2:30 hours and used the last 30 minutes to go over my answers. Hope I will pass!

Came out of the AM section feeling like I got 85-90% correct (finished 30 minutes early). Was wondering why I studied so much while we had our break in between sessions. Then PM came… Got behind early, found it much more difficult, and barely finished. Since PM was very rushed for me, even the questions I was fairly confident on remain up in the air due to my lack of thoroughness.

Overall, I’m pretty confident that I still passed when both sessions are averaged together. But each hour and day that goes by, I get less and less confident. I’ve been focusing on the questions I got wrong, rather than the multitude I got right. Keep your heads up guys. Don’t be like me and look up MPS combined with massive amounts of simulations on how many I think I got right (for 10 hours after the exam).

It’s going to be a long seven weeks.

Finished both sessions with an hour and 15 to spare. Had time to go over everything. I had a pretty good idea of what I did right/wrong. To be in compliance with CFA Institute rules and regulations. Are we allowed to post our estimations of how well we think we did in different sections?


I think i did slightly better on AM than PM. I finished the AM in about 1 and 40 mins and the PM in about 1 and 50 mins or so and i used the leftover time to review ify questions. Did anyone else have this experience? It seemed to me that a lot of people were doing questions until the last minutes. Im kind of freaked out with how fast i finished. How did you guys find it ?

Thanks S2000, you’ve been a great help.

Personally I found AM easier than PM. Relatively conservative estimates, all of this is assuming I did not get the answers that I guessed ‘right’. Ethics, Fixed Income, Equity, could go easily above 70%, I believe I was averaging high 60s based on what I thought I did right. Derivatives < 50% Ethics, Fixed Income, Equity 50-70% FRA, PM, Quant, Econ, Alt, Corporate Finance >70%

I thought AM was easier than PM. Around 10-15 questions i randomly guessed in each session because i couldn’t remember the formulas. I am not sure if ill pass… I am hoping for the best while being mentally prepared to take it again in June.

I found PM to be way too easier than AM. I had to take an educated guess on quite a few questions in the AM.

Feeling positive about the outcome… Just need to wait and see.

My pleasure.

Hey tlh

Well I finished AM just about time and had 15 minutes left for the PM session… I spent sufficient time on every question despite answering it just to recalculate/rethink about it again.

Well I wouldn’t have been able to finish it in less than 2 hours. I think as long as you r confident, time taken doesn’t matter.

I was definitely underprepared.

AM easier than PM in my opinion. Fixed income and derivatives much harder than I thought. Also had a few ethics questions that stumped me. Did pretty well on FRA/Equity/Corporate Finance which I studied the most for.

I personally felt that PM was harder than AM.

Whilst preparing for the exam, I thought the L1 exam was going to be a lot harder than what it was. This was based my assumption that Shwesser mocks would not represent the actual exam that muc. To my surprise, it was fairly similar, though CFA exam was noticably harder.

So basing it on that, I’m hoping I get a pass. But then again there were definitely at least 15 questions where I had to give an educated guess in each exam, so cannot be exactly sure.

Overall I’m feeling relatively positive.

Both sessions felt unnervingly easy.

Based on past experience, if I leave a standardized test feeling like I didn’t take a body shot from Mike Tyson, my score probably did. Here’s hoping for >8th decile.

Both sessions were quite fair, nothing crazy. However, I felt PM session a tick easier than the AM session. I also had some educated guesses. But all in all I hope it´s enough for me to pass.

Found the AM quite straightforward - finished with 25 minutes left and only five or so questions marked for revisit. Overall felt pretty comfortable in arriving at most of the answers, but that’s certainly no guarantee they were the correct answers.

The PM was fine for the first half, but in the second half I was starting to doubt my answers a lot more, not sure if it was just exhaustion. Finished with 50 minutes left and had a handful (8-12) questions down to revisit, a few more educated guesses than AM.

Now, the only question I did go back and change, I got wrong. Well done, Crito, well done. This is why I usually leave it unless I have a good reason to change the answer.

Overall, however, cautiously optimistic. Gave it my best shot given the time allocated to prepare, so just have to wait and see.

AM was easier than PM for me, I found the exam a bit harder than expected (at least harder than the mocks i did) and overall i’m not confident. There were very few questions i answered randomly (around 10) but i had to do a lot of educated guess because i couldn’t properly remember the answer which is frustrating. I have hope that I passed but I have to be honest with myself, I have more chance of failing than passing.

Lot of Lake Wobegon Effect around here lol