Anybody else watching this? Really picking up in the last couple episodes.

Also, between the cinematography, musical composition, plot twists, and sheer intrigue I can’t think of a better show right now.

I’ve not seen the series, but I don’t see how you can call call anything “Westworld” that doesn’t have Yul Brynner as the gunslinger.

Fortunately Ed Harris does a magnificent job portraying the “Man In Black.”

And technically Brynner makes a cameo.http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/westworld-season-1-episode-6-s01e06-did-you-spot-the-yul-brynner-easter-egg-a7403011.html

Ed Harris - most underrated actor ever. Other than Mark Hamill in Wing Commander Series (also, one of the female characters was played by a pornstar).

Yeah, it’s a good one. I guess it’s supposed to go for five seasons but S2 won’t be out until 2018. At that rate, Sir Anthony Hopkins may die first.

I’m enjoying Westworld, and the recent plot twists have been quite entertaining.

I think there was a cameo reference to Yul Brynner in the cold storage room… like they made one of the decommissioned models to look like him. It was in the first episode somewhere.

Show is great. I love the philosophical questions that the characters ask themselves and its very interesting to watch their psyche evolve. I can’t get enough of the intro. Amazingly done.

Yea it’s very thought provoking. I often find myself mumbling ‘goddam this is a good show’ while watching. The modern songs being played on old timey pianos is an awesome touch.

I watched the first 3 or 4 and they were okay. Sounds like I need to catch up.

Yea the show is excellent. After reddit made me realize all the details I missed I rewatched the first four episodes. I then left my apartment to go somewhere and as I pressed the crosswalk button, I stood there asking if I ever question the nature of my reality. And the recent episodes are intense! I’m having a hard time keeping the likely different period story lines straight.

Yeah, I feel like a dumbass after some pretty obvious stuff is pointed out. I generally just watch for enjoyment then go on reddit and realize there was about three layers I completely overlooked.

Watched the first episode. Fell asleep half way through. Guess I’m not deep enough

I like the save these up and watch them in a binge.

The first episode is a bit slow, but it’s worth slogging through.

Agreed. When I was watching the first few episodes, I didn’t think too hard about the motives behind each character. But reddit pointed out so many things that make the show that much more interesting. So many different theories.

I think you really should continue watching it.

I went to reddit to look for the threads that went into extra details to find out what I missed, but I found it too difficult to figure out which ones to reference. Can you guys offer a link or two to the better ones?

I’m not a big Reddit user, so am not so familiar with how it’s organized, but this could get me started as a frequenter…

When I think of how I imagine myself as an old man, Anthony Hopkins/Ford is one of the appealing models. I suspect I would be a bit livelier myself, but I like that calm, cultured, well-spoken, well-mannered, basically friendly but possibly menacing character that Hopkins does so well, especially as Ford.

I don’t do menacing very well, but I guess I still have some time to work on it.


I enjoy Ed Harris/MIB as well, but I know it’s not a style I’m likely to be able to pull off myself.

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The “It’s Always Sunny” one is pretty awesome.

^ Just be careful you don’t click on the ones with spoilers if you haven’t watched all the episodes yet. People who post threads usually indicate them like [Ep. 8 spoilers]

I’m caught up (though I was tired and may have slept through a bit of the most recent episode).