What a Crock!

Thisthing came in the mail yesterday. I haven’t finished the extensive manual or evaluated the phone app (yes, that’s right) yet, but so far it looks pretty pimpressive…I mean, it has a yogurt setting!

cool a remote detonating pressure cooker. approach with caution!

jk…looks like something every household needs.

Even crock pot needs an app now? I guess the ability to change your cooking while not in the house is important to millennials now.

i’m looking to capitalize on this trend by linking an app to a heated toilet seat so when you begin to feel a rumbling you can remote start the heater. like a remote car starter. taking investors now, DM me if interested.

If it has a bidet option i’m in

I just bought the non Bluetooth version today (9 in 1) on cyber Monday amazon. The fan base for this thing looks like it’ll rival the big green egg. But it seems justified

this is already a thing in japan apparently. the bidet portion also adjusts for male/female/children from what i hear

as far as crock pots are concerned - any will do. They are awesome time savers

I got one of these bad boys before Thanksgiving and cooked the turkey similar to this method https://www.wired.com/story/thanksgiving-hack-cook-your-turkey-sous-vide/.

You give up the presentation of a whole bird on the table but it was by far the best damn turkey I have ever tasted. The white and dark meat were cooked to perfection.

Yeah, instant pot is great. The organic kind.

Do you have to press a button to change the mode, or can it sense your junk and aim appropriately? You never know what the Japanese will come up with next. I mean, imagine the military application, among others.

Slaughterbidets? STLs worst nightmare.

yea son, had the instantpot since 2015. this thing is great.

made some broth this weekend - omg so gooooooood.

Can you connect to it when you’re away from home? Aka is it Bluetooth or WIFI or not constrained by distance? If it’s the latter, the convenience is just incredible these days.

This was 45 dollars at Walmart on Black Friday.

^different sizes. you must have referred to the 3 oz one. its very cute.

He’s right, the sizes range from 3 to 9 or so. 6 is the most popular

When I was in Japan, I never figured out how to use these things. The water tank often has a fountain display on the top as well

i havent experienced them but they do look pretty neat/confusing


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