What after completing the CFA Program?

What kind of roles / jobs do you plan to move into after completing the CFA Program?

I mean, do you plan to start up your own VC Firm? Some kinda Business? Portfolio Management? or Move into Hedge Fund Roles or Equity / Fixed Income Roles?

Please share some your thoughts.

I think that you cannot move HF or PM by just completing the CFA program it can enhance your chances to move to such roles though.

Do you mean what would you like to do after completing the CFA? Because none of that is just going to happen.

“Oh, I’m going to start my own VC firm. What’s that? I need millions of dollars in capital? But I have my CFA.”

When you complete your CFA, you should start your own hedge fund. That’s when the big buck start rolling in.

I am trusting that my increased confidence and knowledge will make me excel at my current job, and not much more…

Dang. I’m still washing lettuce.

I’m only doing this for the chicks.

“…and that’s when the BIG BUCKS starting rolling in.”



I’m going to start my own Shadow bank in off-shore destination.

Nothing, if you passed all three levels and obtained the charter, you succeeded at life.

getting the charter is the end game. i might get a tattoo after.

I will write a book.

A children’s book.

With pictures to color.


After I got CFA, my life had clearly peaked, so I quit my job to browse hentai full time.

That’s a good idea, but I am not a kid person as of now :wink:. I think a book for elderly people to stimulate their brains or whatever would be a better idea.

I didn’t touch a book in the past 7 years of passing CFA, and I enjoyed every minute of it!!

I actually somewhat miss the studying part for the CFA. I found Level 3 to be the most “entertaining” in terms of studying. I do not however miss the stress leading up to the exam and on exam day…

Here’s a link (a real one) to an article from wallstreet mojo that looked into job prospects and salary for charterholders. You can see that its pretty broad when it comes to what people end up doing, but its clear that charterholders get paid more than non-charterholders.


Not all VC firms started with millions of Dollars. Remember there are partners as well. You can have a start up and get funding from investors.

Great Idea.