What are some good investment opps now?

In light of today’s events, is there any sector/industry or stock you are bullish on?

Try shorting MS,UBS,WB…the shorts need someone new to pick on.

I’m long education and kids.

I’m still bullish on energy personally. I don’t see demand tapering off at $95 oil.

GE and RIM look good to me.

I like CHK and PBR over the long term.

No one knows


brianr Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I like CHK and PBR over the long term. Added CHK to my portfolio the other day.

Ultrashort financials SKF…short every company to zero.

louisvillegrad Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Ultrashort financials SKF…short every company to > zero. As a contraian, I love it even more when people talk like doomsday is upon us… (when everyone talks of a deep recession, that’s when I’m ready to pull the trigger on all sorts of “risky bets”). I’m positioning myself to purchase UYG (ultra long financials) and some DIG (ultra long oil). I believe oil (and other energy) here is poised for a rebound (albeit, it might be a quick rebound – all indicators I’m looking at here are screaming oversold). Quick plays here, but remember about solid risk management.

A lot of people thought the same way with LEH, FRE, FNM and got burned bad including myself.

Emerging Markets equity (light weight until momentum comes back), Europe and UK bonds. And cash, lots and lots in cash.

TTWO is due for a bounce.

Long LEH I’ve heard good things about this company

RYSBX - 2x Dollar Fund. Been saying it for last 5 months. Will continue to say it through year end.

Long dollar makes sense now, but you’ll get hit today if the fed cuts.

I think you should define your time horizon. While I’m a fan of dollar cost averaging down and holding, you may be looking for the quick rapid appreciation during this volatile market. Right now I’m long VTI/VEU/BND.

storko Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > GE and RIM look good to me. We’re heading into a global economic slowdown, they have a significant financial arm and have similar exposure to the problems plaguing the rest of Wall Street…all these things are working against GE, but I can’t help that this is a long term buy. At current levels, the dividend yield is almost 5%…they are paying you wait.

Short General Motors