What are you bringing into the exam?

How many pencils? what type? How many calculators? Are we allowed to bring in scrap paper?

my brain.

That’s a bonus. Good for you.

please read your hall ticket – it includes all the things that you are allowed to bring. don’t know. My brain will be fried by then, so I do not need to bring it. CP

tissues. Lots of tissues.

why bring tissues?

because i currently have a cold.

so leaving the cell phones at home? even though you know when you’re done with the test you’re going to want to call someone to go have a drink or something? in NYC, it’ll feel kinda strange going somewhere without your cell phone.

HB2 pencil (has rubber on the end of it) Calculator Government issued ID Exam ticket, do not bend the paper Allowed to bring a mini screw driver and battery for the calculator:) No scrap paper, no phone, no audio, no camera Bring patience. Cloths optional (kidding!)

Scrap paper is not permitted. Are you allowed to bring 2 calculators? Also, the exam regulation states you must use either HB or #2 pencils. Does anyone know if mechanical pencils qualify?

a mechanical pencil is a mechanical pencil, not a HB#2, perhaps they are thinking that in a mechanical pencil you can fit some formulas on a piece of paper:)

mech pencils are allowed. Though for the scantron use the 2B lead. which is slightly softer, therefore makes a better image. standard that you buy in stores has HB lead, which does not go on the scantron too well.

Which one of you two do I beleive… cpk or map1? I hate wooden pencils.

i have used mech pencils in the June exam – and no issues. So talk from personal experience. One other thing though – which is not mentioned. You are NOT ALLOWED to carry any kind of ziploc bag or something into the hall to carry all your paraphernalia. You would end up spending time to take out the stuff from the bag, and dump it into trash, or find some suitable safekeeping locaiton. So better to “rubberband” all of your pencils together and carry it that way. Also everyone has advised carrying a jacket in, never know where you’ll be sitting, how cold it might be. Carry your passport / Govt ID, 2 calculators are permitted (both of which they’ll check). And of course your hall ticket, with no markings on it. CP

Thanks CP. Im planning on bringing two BAII’s in case of battery failure and in case there are some multiple calculation problems.

Dumb question, but can you wear a baseball cap? In the CMT exam, they even take that away.

How many pencils should be enough?

when they talk about #2, hb etc that’s the LEAD. No one should care if it’s a mechanical pencil or not.

cpk123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i have used mech pencils in the June exam – and > no issues. So talk from personal experience. > The fact that proctors let you use a mechanical pencil is not making it a general rule, and since the exam policy clearly states that we should bring HB#2 pencils, I would bring both

Hey map1… I just did a quick check on the internet. HB is an international score for graphite hardness, and #2 is a score on the US scale. Since HB#2 doesnt exists, I think the institute is saying you need a pencil of equivalent hardness to properly mark the bubble sheet. This policy is consistent with most standardized multiple choice tests. Also, If mech pencils were banned, im sure they would have included them in the extensive list of items they have listed in the regulations - they are quite specific.