What are you going to do if you fail L2?

I think I will throw in the towel. I’m 2x L2 fail (Band 8/9). Just can’t stomach L2 4x!

Yeah man, that sounds brutal… mercy.

If that happens I will be calling it a day as well. I decided before I began that I would only take 2 cracks at each level (if needed). Made it past 1 on the first go around and was band 8 last year.


dont quit bro. the feeling of a pass after such hard effort is the best.

dont give up, dont ever give up!!!

could always go get CAIA in the mean time and review L2 and take/retake CAIA and L2 next year

i would retake one more time. i havent really studied with the sense of urgency i should. Band 8 last year. I am not letting this test beat me after breezing through my MBA/work/Level 1 (>70% in all topics).

Actually, good idea, this would give me a good goal after a disapointing failure, because I like derivatives, and it would make me feel like I wasn’t wasting a whole year for a retake.

The passing rates are already trending down.

No they arent:


I bet it really sucked to be one of those 19 guys that failed the first ever L2.

lol. Yeah man, for sure. I bet they all went by names like Dakota and Good Ol’ Dangerlips

pass or fail - pack in the towel

Is anyone planning to quit if they fail on their first try? Just curious, because I felt that way about L1.

However I will probably give L2 another shot if I am band 7 or higher, because it doesn’t feel unachievable.

I will quit if I fail L2 tonight. 1 try for each L1 and L2 is my policy. If I get to L3 then I will continue on it until I pass.

I can’t justify spending another 4 months for L2 with a 50% chance of failing when there are other things out there I can get into (spending time on my job, MBA etc). I felt good about the L2 exam though and so hopefully I pass tonight then can start looking into L3.

I’m not sure if I would have the emotional strength for a 4th attempt at L2. I think I literally felt sick to my stomach studying for that beast

Might throw in the towel if I fail this year. Failed band 4 in 2013…

I can do a 4th attempt, but my wife would probably leave me. I think I’m borderline. First year I didn’t study due to work and got band 1. Second year I studied my arse off and scored a band 8. I’m thinking this year I pass, but if I don’t I will probably lose it.

I’m also out if I don’t pass…at least until the bosses at work start pressuring me to take it again. Then I may have to choose between my wife and job.

Same here, wife keeps saying CFA is waste of time, starting to believe she is right. Should just focus on my CPA firm.

I’ll probably retake next June if I fail but if I pass, I’ll take a year off before tackling Level 3. If I do fail I’m hoping it’s at least a Band 8, which will indicate I was close and just have a little more work to do.