What are you looking forward to in 2014?

With only a few days left in 2013, let’s talk about your plans for 2014!

I am most looking forward to these things next year:

  • Seeing northern lights in March

  • Taking wine tasting course

  • Going to visit vineyards in France (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champigne)

  • Buying a new car

  • Starting new side businesses

  • Going on a trip with my highschool friends

  • Taking guitar lessons

Please share your thoughts~!

Happy New Year!!



Northern light and Japanese…nothing new here.

I am looking forward to +1

new to me, i have never seen it!!!


vegas, mehico, canadia

Fun! i want to go to Mexico too~

A big fat bonus check.

first major investment in my empire.



oh and enjoying the wife’s new cans. Can’t forget those joy givers.

What’s the side business?

If he tells you, he has to kill you.

Brazil 2014…The macarena stadium.

The world will be there…can’t hardly wait

that’s right.

“Macarena” is a song and dance (originally from Colombia, if I recall).

“Maracanã” is the world’s largest soccer/football stadium (or at least it was not too long ago, I’m not 100% sure if it still is).

Yosemite in April. (We’ve been there only in November & December.) I hope we can see Horsetail Fall.

I’ve been debating if I should rat out a big dbag I know to immigration. he stabbed me in the back about half a year ago, and I’m thinking of getting his lady friend deported.

Company having a big year and positioning us for a big valuation ipo

Couple free trips (1 work, 1 family)

kids getting bigger

stacking lacs

oooh. Don’t remember hearing about this. Details?


It will hurt her more than him.

I think we require more information in order to evaluate this situation.

The best revenge would be to bang his lady friend, film it, and then mail the footage to him.