What are you looking forward to in 2014?

I’ll just carry forward my 2013 goals, which include taking GMAT this year and apply to hacksawed MBA programs in US and non-hacksawed programs elsewhere.

(One related note: do Ivey and Queen’s qualify as non-hacksawed MBAs in Canada?)

Other goals: -Learn Programming

-Workout more

-Read more

-and No Fap

Already working on 2-3 ideas for side businesses. Probably finalize one and invest time/capital/energy in it depending on how GMAT thing goes.

Yup, you’re right.

Certainly the most iconic though. A Uruguay Brazil final will make some viewing after all those years.

Weren’t you going to rat someone out to CFAI too. What’s wrong with you? You going to destroy an innocent girls life and aspirations simply because you can’t step to the guy like a man. Coward! Anyways, my goal for 2014 is to be happy, spend more time with family, build meaningful relationships, quit talking to the 2 hoes I got now, find my soul mate, and of course pass my cf a exam.

Well, if she is in the US illegally, she is not really “innocent”… Neither was the person who purposely misrepresented herself on her resume.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my son and cashing checks.

Also, formula 1 is going to turbo v6s… don’t know if that’s the greatest thing but look forward to hearing those compared to the V8 of last year.


Maybe this, but she’ll probably end up getting the rawest part of the deal here, too…

He did do this and basically got her barred from the CFAI.

CvM’s 20+14:

  1. Read more books.

  2. Donate more money.

  3. Chase more tail.

  4. Spend more time with family, especially my nephew.

  5. Not get kicked off AF.

  6. Run a half marathon.

Mainly plan to enjoy spending time with my family, since I won’t have the ever-present nagging feeling of having to study for an exam.

Also plan to do as well as I can at my new job, since I like it so much. Unfortunately, that may translate into less AF time. T_T

Going for the two hole more often.

Please don’t forget about us… T_T

She could be. We don’t know the circumstances.

I look forward to reading Nana’s posts. For some reason, I find her personality really funny when compared against the typical poster here. I sometimes wonder what a child between Nana and BChad would produce lol

Which books?

Archie comics

I hope qqqbee comes back in 2014 T_T

Hohohoho… ^o^

Thank you, you are too nice~

Same. I have this image that nana just floats on a cloud where everything is happy and shiny and there are hello kittys everywhere and we should all just dance and sing under rainbows being creepily happy.

(Greenman and Kanuck and Rawraw holding hands)

…Kum-ba-ya my Lord. Kum-ba-ya…