What are you looking forward to in 2014?

Is it particularly better than the one hole, or #3-18?

More fiction, more health, more biographies, etc. I just want to become better versed in topics of interest.

^Personally, I find that if I have excees time to read, then I’d rather read a periodical than a book. But then again, I don’t enjoy reading fiction, either.

Thinking 2014 might be a good year for the Rapture…

I almost only read health related books.

i like books that are well researched and make beneficial insights that i wouldn’t otherwise know.

I don’t spend too much time on fiction, i don’t know why people (Japanese especially) spend so much time reading fictional books and comics, it’s like, there are so much going on this world that is dramatic, do you really need to create more fictional drama to keep yourself entertained??

It’s mental masturbation giving your brain simulation it otherwise wouldn’t get.

How a book really can change your life: Brain function improves for DAYS after reading a novel

  • Researchers from Emory University in Atlanta Georgia used fMRI scanners to identify brain networks associated with reading stories
  • The study showed heightened connectivity in an area of the brain associated with understanding language after the reading of a novel
  • It suggests reading a novel can transport a person into the body of a book’s protagonist as neural changes are linked with movement systems


Seems like a wasted opportunity. Should have said: “Brain function improves after reading research on brain function: the results don’t even have to be true.”

See these researches are very ambiguous, what are they comparing it to? Reading a story or otherwise sit in a chair in a dark room?

Another research can also suggest reading jar labels have similar effects…

I do read a lot of jar labels.

Reading jar labels makes me depressed.

I have started reading the game of thrones books. Tired of waiting for this shiznit to come on tv.

The wife and I were just figuring out some goals for the new year, and one of them is to hike at least 150 miles of the Ice Age Trail up in Wisconsin. We’re trying to section hike the entire thing in the next few years, and I’m really looking forward to spending time with her away from our daily lives and away from electronics.

Get tenure

Do a 50-mile course on my bike in under 3 hours

Ride my first century (100 mile bike ride)

Spend more time with the kids and wife

Learn Java and more HTML

Get a side business started

This is a cool goal

Good for you!

It’s always nice to have a partner to do something like that with.