What are you thankful for?

With this crowd I wouldn’t be surprised if this thread goes downhill immediately, but please try to keep this clean.

What are you thankful for? Personal, careerwise, etc.?

My top 2 are that everyone in my family is in good health, and that every day I get to work with great people who are smart, honest, and hard working (3/3 on that list is rare in finance – before this year I was working with a bunch of backstabbers so I’m loving the change).

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow.

I’m thankful for my new family, future bro-in-law and I get along great and he’s a cool friend. Thankful for my health, my career and for the fact the Eagles are watchable again.

Siblings - i couldnt ask for anything better than them.

But they’re not going to win the division. That will go to America’s Team, friend, where it belongs.

I’ll prove it in Week 17, sucker!

Nonetheless, I’m thankful for my wife and family, especially my two kids.

I’m thankful for my health. (Even though I’m fat, I have zero health problems so far.)

I’m thankful for my job. (Even though I complain about it, I’m learning a lot and get paid very well.)

I’m thankful for my beautiful house and reliable car.

Most important of all–I’m thankful that I don’t have to think about exams this year. (For the first time in six years, I don’t have to worry about finals, CPA exams, or CFA exams over T-day.)

thankful for the guardian watching over me.

Also, high maintenance woman, for it fuels the fire.

I’m thankful for my friends, many of whom I will have over for dinner tomorrw.

I’m thankful for my wonderful girlfriend, who is in Brazil with her family for 10 days, but is still close in my heart.

I am really looking forward to that game. I hope it means something. Birds are in a different place than they were for the first Dallas game, but we’ll have a much better idea who they are by week 17. Namely, we’ll have an idea if Foles can be consistent. 16 touchdowns and no turnovers so far in 2013 which is pretty amazing, but need to play some more quality competition…Redskins suck.

Eagles are still developing, which makes it exciting for me. Do you think we know who the 'Boys are now? Happy they franchised Romo?


Any chance your girl’s family lives in Sao Paulo?

I am thankful that Volvo has decided to bring the V60 wagon to the US. We will even get the 350 hp Polestar version. A Volvo wagon that can go faster than an Audi S4 is possibly the best thing ever.

Also, I am thankful for breakfast burritos and SPX 1800.

She was born carioca, but raised in Minas Gerais (family is in Juiz de Fora). I confess that I find it really hard to understand her accent sometimes. But even more strangely, someone told me recently that my Portuguese is really good and I had a Minero accent.

I’m used to being complimented on my accent, but traditionally it had been Carioca (Rio). Never in my life had it been called Minero, but clearly it had changed from being with her all the time.

A bit like when I used to work for a company headquartered in Arkansas. I’d have to go there for two weeks every year, and each time I ended up coming back sounding all suthen-lihk.

I’m thankful my old school Porsche is running again :slight_smile:

Oh no, this turned into an NFL discussion. Sorry guys, Seattle is going to take it this year. Chiefs are a good team and I like watching the Eagles, but this is not the year for your teams.

I like this, since we don’t have Thanksgiving in Japan!

I am thankful for my family, they are always super supportive when i need them (and do not bug me otherwise ^_^)

I am thankful for my friends, they are like my family, and they love me and always make me laugh.

I am thankful for my health, although i do get sick every once in a while (actually quite a few times this year), but it’s never something i can’t recover from.

I am sure i have a lot more to be thankful for… but those are my priorities!

Brazil is on my wish lists for destinations in the near future. I knew nothing of the history or culture until i was competing with my team. The reason i asked about Sao Paulo is former colleague’s wife was from that region, probably the most complete woman i have ever met (hot, spoke italian, portg, and english, funny ect).

Am I the only male on this forum that could careless about football? This is all my buddies talk about and as a former, no, as an athlete who has played competitively, i find it a waste of time to watch.

I don’t watch any sports.

I like Paulistanas a lot. They tend to be beautiful, sweet, caring, many are well educated and culturally astute, and they dress well. Sao Paulo, regrettably, is an ugly city, and the traffic is abominable, especially if there’s even a hint of rain. However, it is an *interesting* city with great restaurants, shows, museums, etc… Even though I lived in Rio about 4x as long as I lived in Sao Paulo, I have more Paulistano friends than Carioca friends. Paulistanos just take frienship more seriously.

Mineiras do have a physical look that I find very attractive too. They are generally less sophisticated than the Paulistanas, but they cultivate an air of mystery that can be exciting.

hmm let me think, what has brought me the most happiness this year? oh yea me. thank you, me. You (I) made this another great year full of improvements. Without your (my) hard work, you (I) would still be a lazy slob with no energy. You (I) have made your (my) life so much better in the last year. Thank you, me.