What are your plans after exam?

Lets hear them. Me for one havent made one yet.

I have a couple of golf tournaments lined up and plan to continue doing more volunteer work. If I can get a cheap flight, a trip to Europe might not be out of the question.

Borrow the schweser notes from someone who took lvl 3 and get a wwayyy head start baby!! Actually gonna start with the wallstreet prep financial model study package I got 6 months ago but haven’t even opened it yet.

drink until i am no longer a respectable gentleman

kurupt1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > drink until i am no longer a respectable gentleman I was going to do this too, but I’m not a respectable gentleman now as it is. with that logic, sinnce I’m already at rock bottom, drinking can only up my respectable gentleman cred!

I live in Prague and there is a CFA party with free drinks. I’ll probably go there and run up a tab :slight_smile:

I’m going windsurfing for at least two weeks. Whooo… can’t wait

CFA.Rhythm Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I live in Prague and there is a CFA party with > free drinks. I’ll probably go there and run up a > tab :slight_smile: I work in Prague and live close to, in Beroun. See you in Kongresove centrum on saturday I am the one with two HP12C Platinum calculators :slight_smile:

I have not had a beer yet in 2010 as I didn’t want to study with a hang over, I need all the brain cells I can hold on to! So no real thoughts of post exam beer, which really surprises me, but in a good way… From Sunday, catching up with friends again, a long cycle ride, where I will suffer through my time spent studying rather than in the saddle…then book some track days up for the 911RS, where I need to get on the pace with friends who have already put in some impressive times. 2010 actually begins for me from saturday evening…I can’t wait!!!

World Cup in SA for me baby!! :smiley: Oh yeahhhh…

CFAtime… I’m jealous! Come on England!

My plan is to be re-introduced to my second child who was born on May 5th and who has been away on vacation for two weeks (with mom and the other kid) so I could get sleep and study! I haven’t seen him for almost half of his four-week existence!

Yup, I actually live in SA so it’s gonna be a month long partay over here!! :smiley:

Going to get trashed and spend a month watching the World Cup. Argentina out in the last 16 - you heard it here first!

Where in SA are you CFAtime?

Back to the job hunt…

rescue a puppy and be a outdoor person starting from June! thinking of taking a year off no matter how I would do on the exam…missing out too much in life! goooooood luuuucck everyone!

Skies - I am with you on taking a year off - even though we both know that in 6months time we will change our minds… I plan to spend time with my 15-month old son starting Saturday 5pm. My wife tells me that he is walking already …

Go back to job search!

I will get a life. work on my dream project hedge fund