What color is the dress?


There is no blue nor black anywhere in the dress. There is only white and gold.

All I see is Bruce Willis standing in front of the picture, blocking the whole dress. Someone please explain.

That’s not what the article says.

clearly its blue and brown/gold

I don’t get it?

I see blue and black.

I see blue and brown. Is this for real?

Gotta be a trick. I bet the site switches the colors every hour or something.



But seriously though, why is this dress thing so huge?

Yeah, fuck this. Got a few emails forwards of it yesterday. DELETE!


Yeah, I only ever saw black and blue looking at it yesterday. There was another image that was kind of filtered to make it look a little more gold, but the underlying dress still looked more black and blue than anything else.

It’s been proven with photoshop to be blue and brown in the picture and likely white and gold in real life. Why this is even a “debate” is beyond stupid and makes me lose faith in humanity. Hold color swatches to the picture or use photoshop. Ok, now we know the color of the picture. As far as the color of the actual IRL dress, who really freaking cares? But with photoshop they’ve also removed the saturation and shadow to show it likely white and gold. Done. Why people are struggling to grasp this simple concept or feel it is open to debate is blowing my mind.

^Here’s another picture of it.

Can’t get the picture to paste, but when there’s not a lighting issue, the dress is most definitely black and blue.

Real dress is blue and black. Belongs to some weegie ned

edit: ^ beat me to it

This was about the only thing on my FB/Twitter feeds this morning. It is funny to see people genuinely debating it, however.

Ok, sure, could be blue and black without lighting I really just don’t care, I just don’t know why people are freaking out about the debate.

^did you have your coffee today bs?

I’m with BS, this dumb dress thing has so many people mesmerized by it, that apparenrly their lives must be as dumb and boring as mud to somehow find this so fascinating and worth debating over