What day did you decide that you are going to start studying?

I have decided that I will begin studying on October 15th - ugh - I am less then one week away.

I decided that I would start in September. I haven’t started yet

mid January… anything earlier and I wont be motivated.

first week of November…

The week after Thanksgiving.

I actually officially started on 9/21 and been averaging 5 to 7 hours a week since. Maybe I’m just crazy but after getting burned on the exam this past summer due to extremely poor study habits, I don’t want to leave much on the table come next June.

bjg23nyc Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > The week after Thanksgiving. +1

Slash Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I decided that I would start in September. I > haven’t started yet +1

I decided I would start when I felt like it. So I have read the first book (not counting ethics) at a casual pace trying to get a feel for the curriculum. I hope to get through the CFA texts once before end of year, and then the “real” studying starts. Not feeling like I “have to” study makes the reading a lot more enjoyable. Am I allowed to say “enjoyable” on this site?

I’ll probably buy the books sometime this week, stare at them for a month, plan my study schedule for another month, then start studying.

Started 5 October, busy making notes, aim to get through 3 SS a month at a relaxed pace, which will put me in March with everything summarized and ready to start EOC and re-reading all the material.

DallasCFA Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I have decided that I will begin studying on > October 15th - ugh - I am less then one week away. What part of Dallas?? I grew up there.

I was one of those that failed and swore I’d start very early. Started to lightly read the LOS on individual IPS and just got frustrated. I failed in Band 9 - and I really felt confident (to the extent one can actually feel confident) going into the exam…my point is that re-reading the IPS stuff (which is what cost me my charter this year) doesn’t seem to be helping me much. I guess the question becomes: Is it worth it to be more miserable at a much earlier stage in the game, and possibly not retain what I’m now reading, OR enjoy life a bit more until Dec/Jan and then get serious? Anyone going through the same issues?

Started early…just few hours a week so taking me at least one month to finish one book. Cannot afford to repeat this. Spent so much time and money on this program so I need to end this in 2010. I want to get my life back so I can enjoy other things…i.e. backcountry skiing. Never too early…

January 1st, but before then it’s casual reading of CFAI materials

Thanks Golfer. Couldn’t agree more.

I’ll start a systematic and discipline studying Saturday November 13th 2009. That will be the fist day of my new life, that is, no life.

I planned next Saturday on Sep1. Still waiting for next Satuirday…

I decided to study the day after I received the curriculum. I received the books on Sep 21st and started studying on Sep 22nd. I’m just trying to avoid what happened last time, which was me fitting the last 50% of my preparation into the final 5 weeks. That sucked. Plus, I have a baby due in less than a week and I’m guessing he’ll put a serious dent in my study plans. DallasCFA, let me know if you’re interested in forming a study group. I live in Dallas.

Starting January 2nd is plenty of time for preparation. That gives you 5 months of quality studying time. Starting in October or November is a terrible idea. You will forget everything you read by February. Plus, what’s the point of even studying when you are just “casually” reading an LOS? Start in January and be focused; do not just half-a$$ study now and think you are doing yourself any favors. Also, I would be very cautious on reading the CFA books. They should only be referenced in extreme cases where you absolutely cannot figure out an LOS. Even then, I would say move on instead of diving into 100’s of pages of CFA texts. It will just bog you down and unnecessarily slow the studying process. I (along with 5 other people I know) passed level III in 2009, and not one of us ever opened the CFA books more than reading a page or two (besides ethics; the only worthwhile CFA text to read).