What did I study today?

well I did Asset Allocation and will do the end of the chapter problems later tonite… Date: FEB, 13, 2008 (will keep this thread going till we are through L3 …read somewhere that this can be a very powerful motivating tool… i encourage you guys to post here too…)

I did Reading #28 SS8, problems. Now on to REading SS8 for Stalla.

I worked until just after 9pm; didn’t do a thing. Wait, i thought that was supposed to be motivating, but rereading it just makes me sad.

I read halfway through reading 21… it’s sooo long!!

read through linking pension liabilities to Assets… will be doing the end of the chapter prblms in the evening after work… Date: FEB, 14, 2008

Alternative assets. - schweser.

This is depressing for me cause I am still in SS3.

Still buried in SS4 Private Wealth Management Schweser.

Reading 28 Relative Methodologies for Glob Credit Bond Port Mgmt

Did Stalla Problems, maybe I’ll start Reading #29 today???

Completed SS7 finally …last topic linking pension liabilities to assets was very interesting though the topic was small i thoroughly enjoyed understanding it… did the end of the chapter problems… started SS8 fixed income portfolio management -part 1 …read two LOS on bond index and passive and active bond mangement now off to sleep have an early morning studies in mind:) good night guys… DATE: FEB, 14, 2008

going through SS8 Fixed Income management …read various passive and active bond strategies along with classical immunization and duration material… i think i need to pick speed… DATE: FEB 15 & 16… take care guys

done SS8 and SS9 finally through with Fixed Income reviewed the text and did end of the chapter problems… its quite an heavy dosage of reading glad i could finish it within the time alloted to it… linking this fixed income material to IPS is very very interesting… take care guys done with studies for this weekend… now time to unwind myself… DATE: FEB, 17, 2008

Nothing. There, that’ll make some folks who only read 3 pages feel motivated. I desparately need motivation. And a spell-checker, apparently.

did nothing today as has had to go to chennai for a meet with a company’s management… :frowning: Date: Feb, 18,2008

finished SS7 today and liked it… it goes well with wine. Did Lecture and Passmaster for SS7 tomorrow onto fixed income SS8 and then I have to pick up somebody from LAX that sucks! dont they know not to ask for favors until this is over?

Finally in SS5. Seems as though I’m a bit behind schedule.

I am trying to finish schweser book 1-2 ex. Ethics by the end of February, so two more days. I am on the last SS in book two and have notes done for all previous i.e. SS 3-6.

I feel that I am really behind after reading this thread… I am on SS 5… Have an excuse though…started a new job first week of January that is quite demanding and time-consuming…

I feel ya ne, I am in the same boat, it has been tough getting in study time. Last Night I got out early but it was a rough day so I went to the gym instead. Hope to get in a couple hours tonight!