What did I study today?

Hey I caught this post on the Level 3 blog and think it would be very useful for us. Just post what you have studied everyday… even if you do a few pages. I’m sure this will keep us all motivated. 02/20 - completed Mortgage Backed Securities Aj

02/20 started time series analysis

02/21 - Starting FSA 2, pensions & multinational

02/21 - Review for FSA starts.

02/21 - Multiple Regession + FX Option Interview questions (have an interview tomorrow)

0/21 - Qbank focusing on FSA, Corp Fin, Asset Val, Equity, FI, Derivatives (Derivatives working me over like no other)

Nice thread. I am so much behind. 02/21 Quick review of FSA and wrapped up fixed income, hopefully start to read derivatives.

Finishing the Derivatives section.

Doing a read through before doing any questions to see which areas I’ve got to focus on… Finishing corp fi and port mgmt tonight, then fixed income and begin questions this weekend. I got a very late start, I’m glad alot of the material (eco, asset val, equity, corp fi) is familiar so far. FSA and quant looks like it will take a good block of my time.

21/2 finished SFA 123(b) SS 6 today.

Finished Reading Quant on Monday…started ECon but no progress as I have not studied since then…planning on doing 16hrs this weekend to finish Econ and perhpas half of FSA…

“Nice thread. I am so much behind. 02/21 Quick review of FSA and wrapped up fixed income, hopefully start to read derivatives.” How is that behind?

N.Van, same here. I reviewed Time Series again, this time, getting it a little more. Started Econ, but didn’t get very far. will do quant today and tomorrow (off tomorrow), and start FSA on Saturday.

How does one go about studying on a Thursday?

I’m going out on Saturday, so I skipped happy hour today. Plus, i just got home from work. How have all you people already studied some of these things?

  • finishing eco this weekend, taking exams of eco, ethics and quant along the way

ABS - half chapter Also watched the presidential debate. There is only so much I can do…

Reading 18, 19 and 70. Still have trouble with what to do when the DC is < or > the FC using the covered interest arbitrage formula. must remember bid to the left and ask to the right for triangular arbitrage inflation => FC/DC i-rates => DC/FC unanticipated shifts in monetary or fiscal policy ICAPM and when to use domestic currency exposure or local currency exposure is still a bit troubling

Reading 46…on a snow day

wow reading 46 good for you man…I just finished Reading 17 last night. I started with reading 11…so so far I have done 7 readings out of 72…