what do you candidates currently do?

I want to get into global soverign bonds & interest rate/fx derivates, any insight into getting in?

I’m not currently working and am looking…was recently working as UK/EMU economist for a capital markets firm. Candidate_L3…you array of qualifications is impressive.

Securities valuation.

I audit banks…and make less than…prolly anybody

institutional sales --global macro group, futures mkts

I run a small private equity shop. We do real estate investment/development and invest in small industrial companies. I also run a hedge fund with all the excess cash flow (mostly quantitative). I don’t really need the CFA but just doing it to stay fresh. Not having the pressure to pass as well as an MBA and more importantly, a ton of relevant work experience has helped me pass I in Dec and the II six months later. Having gone through the program, when I hire finance persons, I will look for those with MBAs and CFAs - having both says something about your personality and the type of persons we like to hire.

Graduate Analyst at a large multinational corporate. Experience in Treasury and Financial Accounting.

Buy-side Analyst, in a frontier market.

UofD1 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Buy-side Analyst, in a frontier market. You must have seen a lot of action in past few months.

I am a software developer working with a bank , taking these exams due to interest in finance and so that i can get into a good MBA college.

Financial Advisor on the retail side…aka Private Wealth. CFP would probably be more suited to my work, but I started CFA a few years ago since I had been looking to move to the institutional side. Ended up with a good partnership with a senior advisor and I’m staying on, so pursuing the CFA to hopefully be one of few (relatively speaking) in my field that have it. Also, CFA gets you a pass on the classwork for CFP, so my goal is to have both.

Senior Compliance Officer (equities, fixed, money markets, alternative investments).

Manager research at an investment consultant

It sounds like you all have really cool and exciting careers. i admire you and you give me encouragement. my job is boring. i am analyst doing financial planning and analysis for a tech company.

Re: what do you candidates currently do? new Posted by: all_in_with_aces (IP Logged) [hide posts from this user] Date: August 25, 2009 11:48AM Manager research at an investment consultant all_in_the_aces, i just passed level 3 this year and have the same profile, just out of curiosity what city are u in? & do u plan to stay in investment consulting or change ure specialization…if yes, how do u plan to market ureself? im from baltimore…by the way

I’ve been an investment analyst for a venture capital firm for a little over three years now. I have to say that the material is not very applicable to what I do - I use about 5-10% of what has been covered in Levels I & II. I’m still planning on writing level III because I started this process and want to finish it. My boss has the CFA designation, and while he agrees it’s not extremely relevant in our field, he still encouraged me to get it.

Quantitative analyst for an insurance company. My boss and I manage a $100M U.S. equity portfolio using quant strategies. The CFA is pretty much a standard here - all the portfolio managers and up seem to have one. It’s not technically “required”, but it certainly makes sense to get it in order to move up. I’m looking forward to L3 - I think this stuff will be the most applicable from a portfolio mgmt perspective.

S&T Associate - Asian Equity Sales

Senior Research Analyst for a mutual fund wrap program. Sweet gig but would certainly pay more with the Charter

I work in corp finance at a tech company in charge of our central america and latin america offices. No one knows or cares about my doing CFA. Other than that I got an agreement when I started here for them to pay for everything if/when I passed. I actually like my job a lot and cant see the CFA doing anything for me in my role or really related roles I might move into. I dont even know why I continue…if it was free for passing I wouldnt. And if I had failed L2 I probably would have quit.