What do you drive?

Just trying to get a feel for what us young finance professional ride into and out of work everyday.

2004 Ford Ranger

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR

2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Last 3 cars were in reverse order:

Audi A9 S Class

Audi Q5

Nissan 350z

Haven’t owned one for over 3 years though and if/when i get one again I’ll get a cheap and cheerful (yet comfortable) runaround probably.

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You had an A9? What year?


Probably 2010 Audi A9 with BluTech and Super Handling all wheel drive.

I don’t think there was an A9 in 2010

it was a 2013 A7, I’m exaggerating my own BSDness in hindsight

Only had it for 6 months. Drove it to my level 3 exam a month after I got it and scratched the alloys on the way into a carpark, got rid of it soon after when I moved to the US of A.

clearly some bigger ballers here wow! i used to be a mechanic haha, so i hate Audis bc they’re a pain to work on.

VW Jetta :wink:

i want a self driving tesla.

The Q5 was the worst car I’ve ever driven, just awful. I wanted an Lexus RX but couldn’t afford it, then looked at the Audi Q7 and ended up getting the Q5 and regretted it within a month.

The 350z was the head turner though. I was 25 and drove it like a maniac.

nice! it was my first car haha!

I’ll give you three guesses.

But the first two don’t count.

you were driving a 30k car at 25? wtf, i was wondering where my next meal was coming from two years ago

^you strike me as a Toyota Avalon type guy.

Honda S2000? :slight_smile:

“A Cavalier. It’s red. I have a red…it’s a red Cavalier.”