What do you expect from employer if you pass?

Raise? Promotion? Pat on the Back? All of the Above? None of the Above?

I got a lukewarm congratulations.

got myself a new one and get now in the 6 digits + car old one got a onepager from me yday ;-)) but, heck, who know’s if I have passed? knockonwood…

Pass = reimbursement of exam costs + hearty congrats.



I’ll get a suspicious look because: I’m now even more valuable and the firm isn’t raising my salary

A mix of lukewarm congratulations and loathing from all those that do not have any intention of taking the exam.

Congrats on “joining the club” – nearly all our investment peeps are charterholders. Nothing monetary unless they totally surprise me.

CFA? whats that is it like the series 7…i kid it will be recognized as an accomplishment but to the pont of monetary or promotion no? am i going to try and leverage it into a new position ? yes…do i like asking questions and answering them myself? what do u think

Congratulations. But it will be a big one. High fives all around. Money? No. Fame. Not too much. What I get from my wife will likely be more enjoyable. Now I just have to get her on board.

its pronounced menage a trois honey


Reimbursement of fees + lukewarm congrats + other employers knocking on the door


I just wish to get a decent job to start accumulating qualified experiences.

Small bonus paid out with annual bonus, so hard to say whether I would have gotten the same amount without passing. Guess we’ll see if it goes down this year…

My boss hinted that he will put me as head of a new division for asset management if I obtain the charter. Reason? He said he cannot afford to hire a CFA Charterholder from outside the company due to limited budget. He said that a CFA Charterholder’s pay is able to pay for three employees. Implying I will be paid 1/3 of market rate for this ‘prestigious’ job. Promotion - yes Pay rise - no Pay decrease - yes because the pay adjusted for increased responsibility will decrease. :frowning:

I’ll get jack. Performance determines my salary not any qualifications.

I expect to negotiate pretty aggressively for a good raise if I pass (not immediately but at next review). I also think it may factor a bit into my bonus next yr, but that’ll mostly be determined by my workload and the fund’s performance, I should think.