What do you think is the main reason why so many relationships fail these days and who/what is to blame?

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The women read AF and develop unrealistic expectations for their bf.

because its a cultural norm now? back then it was real taboo wasnt it?

Mainly due to FOMO and severely enhanced egos caused by individualism

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As compared to when? The 1400s or 1999? Are you struggling with some relationship issues buddy?

whats good in the hood igor?

People get lazy and stop putting an effort into it. Or just picked the wrong person. Who knows - many reasons

Several things such as: stupidity, being self-centered, unreal expectations…

there no studies on this, but my gut tells me death is the #1 relationship killer throughout history. no sure about modern times with the bumble and the instachat :confused:

The real answer is probably the increase in university enrollment and the urbanization of the youth in our country. As opposed to past generations when people would get married young and moved to the suburbs and the stay at home moms only had the pool boy to bang, these days social networks are bigger and staying longer in urban environments naturally increases the number of (other) potential mates.

It’s a millennial thing. The swipe right culture. Afraid to commit because they were most likely raised in a split household. More choices equals lack of commitment and more remorse (grass is greener) type thinking. My advice- try looking for love outside of Apps, clubs, and bars.

Also, women are more independent now, and can leave their sh*tty husband, as opposed to being reliant on him for financial support. On top of that, people are living longer and are healthier in old age. So, there is still upside to divorcing in your 50s, i.e. you can still enjoy some of life, as opposed to just waiting to die.

That is for long term relationships, anyway. If you are talking about short term, Tinder like relationships, that is a whole different study.

What happened Igor? Spill the beans…

someone i know posted it on facebook and saw some crazy answers.

wanted to see what the fine folks of AF think

Is this meant to be compared with something?

If so, we should really get some data on this. I feel like things are being overstated in general. Divorce rates have been going down. Also interesting but not necessarily the same, people are having less sex than in previous decades, and people are less open to hooking up. I think theres a small proportion of very vocal people who are into hooking up, but things were more flaky in the past and that the pendulum have started swinging in the other direction.

What are some of these “crazy answers”?

Guessing its along the lines of “whered all the good men go nyaaaaaaaahhhh” “men are shit these days blaaaaaaaah” “WOMAN NYAAAAAHHHH”

i cant find the post now but some that i remember were:


-more hormones in food