What does R. in front of someone's name signify?

Came across an alumni contact that I have emailed, but was curious as to what the R. in front of his name means? ie) R. John Smith This is how it showed up from the person that gave me the contact, but it just shows John Smith on the company’s website and his email. But, I did a search online and found some old SEC filings with the R. there. Anyone know? All I could think of is either Republican or Reverend, but I doubt either of these would be included in a SEC filing.

Robert? Rad? I think it’s usually a name, not a title.

I think its a name as well, its just that they prefer to be called by their middle name.

I think I’ll add F.U. to the beginning of my name.

Makes sense - I just figured it was some type of title. Thanks guys.

Famous Chicago politician - R. Eugene Pincham. Rufus Eugene Pincham. Famous musical act/accused kiddie porn director - R. Kelly - Robert Kelly. People who prefer to go by first initial and middle name (or just by first initial). Seems to be a trend in the last 10 years or so…

it is always Reginald, or Ruprect

It has to be either Rutherford or Reynaldo. I think there is a survey that proves this.

My name is Robert Scott Williams. If you called me Robert I probably wouldn’t respond. Scott is my preferred name. Many of my friends only know me as Scott. On my resume and other high level documents, my moniker is R. Scott Williams. This way, people know to address me as Scott. The only issue is that many government agencies and banking institutions call me Robert. This is because they only look at official IDs’ such as the drivers’ license or passport. The good side of this happens when some telemarketer calls asking for Robert. I am never home if someone calls for Robert. Regards,


This should be a question on the CFA exam

I rock the “J.” in front of my name. Yeah, that’s right…come up to my level, where the air is crisp!


Maybe the names you do see are his double-barrelled surname. For example Reginald Fortescue-Smythe would be R. Fortescue-Smythe. Alternatively, it’s like what the guys above said…


what does a TJ or AJ or DJ generally mean in american names?. what does LL Cool J mean? honestly ,how is that someone’s name? (after reading freaknomics, i will not rule that out). is this shortening limited to poorer people? does it indicate social status ?. questions.questions

R is for Richard. He doesn’t want people calling him Dick

Always letter your first name and add a number. So if your name is “John Chris Smith”, change it to “J. Chris Smith I”

Dsylexic Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- >what does LL Cool J mean? =============================== Ladies Love Cool James

L. Ron Hubbard, I always thought his name was Elron.