What happens if I forgot my passport at exam center after exam?

Well, for whatever reason I can’t locate my passport since the exam on the 1st. I have searched my house and car up and down - cannot for the life of me find it. I am thinking that I may have left it at the exam center on my desk?

If that is the case, I assume the proctors would have grabbed it?

I have not been notified by anyone yet - anybody know if they would have forwarded it to CFAI?

Anybody have any advice?

Be advised that I was in a very small testing center (30 candidates total all levels).

I am pretty close to freaking out as I need my passport for travel in 24 days…

I’m not sure what you expect people to tell you.

Any monkey with half a brain would have emailed/called CFAI, so i’m assuming you did that already.

Check the pockets of clothing worn that day, maybe you didn’t do laundry yet

Just realized it this weekend and will definitely call them tomorrow during business hours - just curious if there is a lost items policy or something - something like this must have happened before… While I’m not expecting somebody to tell me they found my passport on here, just looking if someone has gone through something similar and how CFAI has handled it in the past.

A good place to start is by looking on the CFA site and not analystforum.

I would not call them. Clearly this is a signal of an ethics violation. What if that were a client’s confidential information? Plus I hope you did not print CAPM or Cobb Douglass in the Visas section.

Or try the lost and found of the building you took the exam in. of course, if good identity thieves got their hands on it, there’s probably someone posing as you already.

^ And will take claim for writing the test.

Well, this was unhelpful. I simply asked if anyone else had gone through something similiar and had anything of value to share. The smartass answer to helpful answer ratio on this forum is way too high! :slight_smile:

Would you have done anything differently if it were your wallet instead of your passport? There are pretty standard ways of handling these things, such as writing the CFAI organizers, or the building managers, or something like that.

I have never left my passport at a CFA exam center, but one time I discoverd that my wallet was missing at the Natural History Museum. I went to ask a guard if anyone had found a wallet; he called up a colleague and sure enough, someone had found it (must have fallen out of my pockets when I was grabbing something). Not only that, it still had all my cash in it too.

Maybe you could try something like that, and see if it works for you. Here, have a cookie.

nvestn: the responses were smartass b/c there is no real interesting way to respond other than call the venue. The fact that the venue only had 30 candidates should make it easier to recover. I hope by now you have contacted them???

In order to be fair, when we see a question as stupid as this, we like to jump on it as soon as we can.

Please tell me that you created a profile on a forum devoted to professional education and financial analysis just to ask a question like, “What do I do if I lost my passport?”

You really can’t get enough of your GF, can you? First in the car while driving then at a museum.

Quite a few d-bags on this board…

The question was : Do proctors report lost items to CFAI. That is all it was. There is nothing stupid about that question. Are you guys trolling to let off steam or something?

I am in fact not completely mentally retarded and do know what to do if I lose something - but as you know CFAI runs by its on set of rules and you cannot call the exam admin department - you can only email and it takes 3-5 business days to get an answer.

It was unclear that that was your only question. There was this story about a search of your car, your panic. You warned us to be advised that it was a small center. Somewhere burried in the middle of that was the request for the only piece of information you wanted. In fact, now that I’ve reread your post, your key question wasn’t even phrased as a question. It was a statement starting with “I assume that…” that just happened to have a question mark at the end to hint at the fact that maybe you were wondering about that.

In any case. If you want to be in this industry, it helps to have a thick skin. A few chuckles does not a d-bag make. We all get chuckled at when we do bonehead things here, that doesn’t mean (for the most part) that those people wish us ill.

Hope by now you have contacted CFAI and the testing center and gotten an answer from someone who is actually likely to know how they handle these things.

Thanks for the in depth analysis of my original post. All is good. Passport was never found - reported lost and was re-issued a new one.

Skin is thick as it gets - just find it odd that everybody is trying to be a comedian over a simple question. I guess not everybody shares my view of: If you don’t have an answer or anything constructive to add, simply move on.

nvestn: I know it feels like you got inappropriately blown off on an honest question. But fair or not, this board has its share of smartass comedians (that’s partly why I like it). Whenever I post anything on a forum, I try to get a sense of the forum’s culture. That way, I don’t get surprised.

Based on your profile, you’ve been on AF for a while. So are you really surprised?

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So are there any promising leads on finding your passport?

Leave it to analysts to over analyze a simple question on how to contact lost-and-found.

We should next run a regression on lost passports. I think a multi-factor approach is warranted here.