What has happened to WC is a disgrace.

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Someone needs to go on the other tabs and recruit some fresh talent. Get 'em before they have lives or a developed sense of self worth :+1:

Where is itera/CFAvsMBA? Where are the legends? Make WC great again!

Thanks obama

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Can’t hurt me.


i am a very powerful man!

Gorilla? :-1: Guerilla? :+1:

Ay mijo… :broken_heart:

Well, remember when you, under different handles, harassed WC regulars and spammed the board? Yes, to be fair you played only a part in the whole ordeal, but you were here stirring sh i t up. Around that same time several things happened. bchad died, itera mysteriously stopped posting literally a day or two before that (Former Trader, too, for that matter), CvM was banned by higher ups as his posts got more and more offensive (I believe that was before my time as a mod but I was never for banning CvM), and other regulars that added good conversation (Higgs et al) just called no joy and dove below the hard deck never to be seen again. Oh, and Turd’s insanity hasn’t helped matters over the last couple years (btw, he’s not banned as far as I know. Probably just on a spiritual journey somewhere). To top it all off, Chad essentially hid the WC from the other forums so it’s hard for newer AFers to find us.

tl;dr - What happened to the WC? Pretty much you.

call to arms to defend wc

Anyone remember Rahul ?

^^ I always thought that bchad had a few other handles and was itera. I think a few others suspected the same. Anybody ever meet itera in person?

Legend has you can meet him in early hours of the morning aimlessly wandering around e70s and prk ave, starring at his phone

So basically everyone walking around today is constantly looking at their phone. Thanks for clearing that up.

Alright, Atush – I’m back.




bchad was definitely the mortar holding this house of cards together. also, i think most of the old guard got busier with work and posting frequency dropped. and the new guard sucks. also, we used have girls on here man. KMD you’re good but there’s only one of you.

Agreed. I have fond memories of bchad (actually, his original username which I won’t post), jdv, even qqqbbb. The WC or back office has always had its ups and downs. STL, BS and a few others seem to be holding this place together alright, though.

Keep it going gents.

Chicken Tikka/The Righteous Hacksaw still around?

geo :broken_heart: