What have you guys been doing since the exam?

If this has been already addressed, my bad - but curious with what all of you are doing with all your free time? I started taking some golf lessons (finally) after hacking away at the game for the past 7 years and I got to take a vacation where I ended up playing a round at an insanely difficult course in palm springs.


studying…I can’t stop…studying…

also becoming more and more confident that I will be sitting for Level 3 again next June.

keeping myself extremely busy by myself. learning chinese and to play the bass and piano simultaneously. they’re the only things stopping me from stressing out about the exam.

Spending time with family mostly. I’m also about 250 pages into Atlas Shrugged and I’m going to the gym almost every day. Yesterday I started preparing my case for why the Central Appraisal District should lower my property value, my hearing with them in one week from today. I intend to take golf lessons once my honey-do list is down to a more manageable level.

Golf…lots of golf.


my first in a series of golf lessons begins tomorrow. I’m really loving having more time to spend with my wife and daughter. increasingly getting worried I may have to take this thing again… i seriously am not sure if i can do another year if i don’t pass.

I have set out to get out of town every other weekend. This past weekend I drank 60 beers over the course of 3 days; this has been the trend every other week.

Captain Windjammer Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Partying. Any pushups before, during, or after Level III?

P90X… Things kind of fell apart during the month before the exam.

i have won the first soccer trophy, in fact a tournament champion for the first time in my career studying and practicing poker faces and I will be sitting in the next WPT main event in August

Spending time with the family. Hitting the weights hard. Running. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep again feels incredible… I’m starting to feel like a normal human being again.

Wishing never bothered working in finance. Post exam is such an anticlimax

Zoozu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I have set out to get out of town every other > weekend. > > This past weekend I drank 60 beers over the course > of 3 days; this has been the trend every other > week. You’ve got to go for the century club - 100 beers between 12:01a Friday and 11:59p Sunday.

trying to get my work experience approved. Playing lots of poker. Working out again.

Dusting off my golf game, spending time with my 4 year old daughter and wife, went to the beach for 5 days two weeks after the test, going again next week for 3 days (my wife and daughter are in Florida visiting family until the 18th so I have a free pass to do whatever the next week and a half). Going to an Orioles game on Saturday night with some buddies and my brother. I also have 2.5 acres of property that needed grass seeding, trimming of hedges, etc and I have been catching up on that Lots of vodka tonics have been put down as well…many Sierra Nevadas have met their fate on the golf course I think I am going to buy a Wii from someone thru Craigs List…I played the tennis game and the bowling over the XMAS holiday and I loved it

losing the weight i gained put on in april and may. trying to catch up with old friends who i brushed off alot during studying since my leisure time was mostly spent with the GF and 1 or 2 close friends.