What is a good place for business dinner?

Preferably around Midtown NY. Maybe around 6 people total.

Twin Peaks?

Are you allowed to wear a short-sleeve button down shirt?

Jean Georges - 3 Michelin stars. I ate there a couple years ago - very tasty. It’s a bit traditional so if you’re looking for something trendy/modern there are some upscale Asian places around midtown too.

I always like Bann for Korean BBQ.

TAO is for the loud, trendy crowd. The food is still good, but presumably it can’t be as trendy as it used to be.

Dawat had great Indian Food. I loved their braised lamb, years ago. Haven’t been in a long time.

Yeah Tao is a cool environment - I used to work a block from there. I haven’t ever eaten there, only had drinks.

What kind of food?

Hot dog stand.

KOI mofo

I would trust any place Igor suggests. He said go to Pure Thai Cookhouse and it was awesome.

Del Friscos, Capital Grille, Le Bernadin, Nobu 57, Quality Meats, Quality Italian, Marea, The Modern, Casa Lever… to name a few.

^pure used to be really really. good as with most places the quality goes down as the place becomes more popular. the ribs used to be amazin, now they are just really good :wink:

This place was awesome. More business like for sure.

Where’s my invite?

Can’t go wrong with a steakhouse. I’d go with Benjamin if you wanna keep it classy. Go with BLT prime if you want sexy…

Ok. We are getting sushi. I originally suggested steak, but someone apparently doesn’t eat cows.

^KOI has some yummy sushi

By conscious choice, or due to religion?

Is there a difference?

Presumably, it is not a religious restriction, as the guy is European. There is another guy in the group who is Indian, but I have definitely seen him eating cheeseburgers…