What is the appeal of Rolex /luxury-watches?

I’ve come to find that wearing a watch with a button down dress shirt is nothing more than annoying. I can’t figure out why some people enjoy wearing watches so much. What is it?

Especially to the point where where someone wants to go buy a $30k watch. What’s the point?

Rich people have too much money so they spend it on expensive shit without a care on the price. Up and comers are a different breed. They want to be seen as successful .

It projects status and success which gives you respect and credibility. A luxury car for example is only seen when you drive it. A balling watch goes where you are. I would argue that an expensive watch is a better luxury item. Another reason is that luxury watches retain their value well and have a higher chance of appreciating than a car. Lastly a luxury watch is a timeless piece.

Of course there are others that genuinely enjoy it. Which I don’t understand :slight_smile:

Ohai will consider being your friend

I think the really high end ones are interesting from an engineering perspective, similar to how people like art. Wouldn’t ever spend more than my portfolio’s average daily volatility on one though.

Switch to short sleeves. Then you can show off your Patek-Philippe in style.

Actually, here’s a good one for you. Brought to you by Ohai, so you know it’s high quality.


People will say, oh, I appreciate engineering or some sh*t like that. However, in the end, it’s just shiny expensive jewelry to project superiority over poorer people.

I’ve never understood people who say “jewelry and watches hold their value. And sometimes they appreciate!”. While I guess it’s technically true, you do realize that the markup on these items is around 400%, right? So a $20,000 watch is really only “worth” about $5,000? Yes, it will definitely hold that $5,000 value very well.

Gotta get something like this for your target audience:



unless its made 90% out of gold

Agreed. Most expensive watches seem pointless to me. Pretty much ever since I got my first cellphone that displayed the time, I ditched the watch.

Not sure on markups but I think it’s brand specific. It’s defjnitely not much much for the most popular Rolex brands like the submariner. For a used luxury watch the markup is close to nothing and it appreciates.

So you’re telling me that all these dealers are selling at cost, knowing that the watches will appreciate?

So they sell a watch for zero profit, knowing full well that the economic benefits (a.k.a. price appreciation) willl accrue to their customer?

Cost of production is not really relevant to market value.

dear God… I was unaware until a quick google search. Was that exported directly from King Tutenkamen’s grave or something?

In my opinion, the highest status timepiece looks a little something like this… and is worth every bit of the $16.00 price tag.

yes. like if a realtor or developer sells a house. just because it appreciates in value doesnt mean these people are thirsting to keep it.

These are two entirely different things. They have two entirely different business models, and perform entirely different services. Why are you lumping them together as if they are the same thing?

its the same point. but anyways, if you want something with similarities, art is a good example. the cost of the materials to put it together is way below the price people are willing to pay for. also whats interesting is high end art have been argued to appreciate as fast as the stock market.

I was into watches when I was working for the man. When I went out on my own I had no desire to wear one. It’s definitely used as a signal for BSDness and I think a lot of it has to do with peer pressure and the hierarchical nature of corporate life. Whether or not you get sucked in mainly has to do with your office environment imo.

Office environment and your proclivity for succombing to those sort of pressures