What is you AF AGE!

i think i first creeped these forums around 2013. So Im about 7 years old!

You can see it by clicking on someone’s username. I got five years on you, son.

I believe that I started here on St. Patrick’s Day, 2013.

  1. It’s been downhill the entire time ha

Less Indians these days though

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Says I joined September 2015. I know I lurked prior to then.

It’s funny how this place started going downhill the same time the Mayans said the world would end.

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I think I’m about 2014 or so, I should really get off this site six years is a long time.

2010 :zombie:


Your profile says 2007, brother. You’re firmly on the dark side and can’t escape a good one-sided debate. You know you’re not leaving, you’re part of the furniture.

He has many profiles :shushing_face:

That’s right…what was the story when he was caught posting under another account? That got forgotten quickly.

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does anyone have a catchy title for each year that basically descibes af history

That’s a serious allegation. The mods need to stop this defamation.

  1. I was old back then. Now…
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Have to multiply the years by the number of accounts

In a world where very little makes any sense, this math just does.

I’m 2018 I believe. I think I created my account when I started L2 and at first I didn’t really post any stuff. Just lurked and read others’ posts. Kind of like I’m on facebook; silent, nowhere to be seen but I’m always there, judging.

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Far too old. There were actually multiple women that regularly posted, we were on AF V1.0, there was then wasn’t then was an off-topic forum, IHIHM was JTLD, Nuppal could walk (too soon?), ChickenTikka was tripping out on mountain tops, and, of course, Blake was schooling us all on cell phone plans.

Let’s not forget the legendary qqqbee or whatever the hell his username was

Tempted to use the wayback engine to view AF in the OLD format back in the days of “The Battle for Water Cooler”. …back when RR had that avatar of the skeleton with orb and PA was in denial about his losses selling VIX options. Ah, nostalgia is weird…