What is your post-exam reward to yourself going to be?

Everybody - What are you going to do to reward yourself after June 2nd?

I wait until the final pass to reward myself.

swedish massage right after the test.

I’m going to go out and drink every night for the next week and then start studying for the next exam I have to take… I’ve got my first section of the CPA exam toward the end of July.

Haha, awww, brutal.

Brutal indeed, but I get a $5,000 bonus if I pass all 4 sections by the end of the year, so I have a bit of motivation!

My post-exam reward to myself is going to be exploring other girls.

Quick, someone that still remembers the Quant section tell me the probability this is actually a girl.

Last time I checked I was still a girl.

Getting our attention: YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT.

As for me, I finished the exams in 2011 and it feels pretty naiiiiiice. I’m looking forward to a memorial day uninterrupted by panic attacks not spent studying . Maybe a little beer on the balcony, maybe dinner out with friends.

Will be the 4th year of not studying since I passed. Still plan to do a mini victory dance on Memorial Day weekend. If I’m unfortunate enough to suffer flashbacks of the exam process, will resort to heavy drinking to dull the pain.

Good luck everyone!

Third Memorial day since passed…going to LA that weekend to see some college folk.

To those studying, keep at it. It gets better. I used to be 5’1" riding my bike to burger king and living in my parents basement. I finished the CFA three years ago and I’m already 6’3" (and growing) driving a Ferrari to my FO gig and live in a multi-million dollar high rise condo. In ccouple more years it’ll be G6 and private island suckers…and I’ll be 10’10".

So, in conclusion: it’s worth it.

Getting drunk like a pirate.

Okay, then welcome to AF. Frank will be here shortly to show you around.

I miss studying. Everything was so simple back then…

ha ha mini victoriy dance

^ there was a certain simplicity to life when it consisted primarily of working and studying. I actually did kind of miss it the first spring after passing, but I’ve since completely readjusted to life as an ordinary civilian. Ironically, I played a lot more golf when I was studying because I needed the stress relief.

I suppose you guys aren’t taking CFA L4 then ??

Sigh. we need nuppal back.

Econgirl is my new favorite poster. I don’t even care what she writes from here on out.

That being said, I always planned little rewards for myself if I passed. Never ended up following through on the rewards. Seemed like there was always another hurdle approaching.