What is your post-exam reward to yourself going to be?


I actually agree with CSK on this one.

brain_face_wash - if you were a stock, I’d buy you, because you have a good story.

Hehehe, giggle giggle. I’ve been studying so hard, I owe it to myself right?

econgirl is a guy…guaranteed…

^ After the last post, that was my exact thought as well.


oh no. What’s next, CFAvsMBA is white?

^ you don’t see me making posts such as “What kind of mayonnaise is good on a turkey sandwhich?” or “Which Beatles album is the best?”

Only then may you question.

Black dudes don’t like the Beatles? Seriously? That’s just wrong.

BTW, Sgt. Pepper is best Beatles album, followed very closely by Abbey Road.

Not really. Rock music just doesn’t do it for us.

I’m so disappointed by the direction this thread took…you don’t like the Beatles? That’s just wrong.

Miracle Whip>Mayonnaise

For what it’s worth, I hate the Beatles too.

And I best most of y’all don’t like the Fat Boys. To each their own.


black people are the best at modern music…racist generalization, but indeed true…hip hop, jazz, rock, etc…Beatles? idk, doesn’t do it for me, its bland like eating a salami sandwich…

however, the white people (europeans) have classical music which is my fave…pac ain’t nothing compared to mozart…

You take that back. A salami sandwich, properly prepared, is delicious.

I used to love the Fat Boys. Are they still around? The movie they did where they were nurses was hilarious.

Also, wtf are you eating that you think a salami sandwich is bland. Ham sandwich, turkey sandwich, okay, but salami is one of the spiciest of meats. I guess you’re sitting down to a nice lunch of kimchee and head cheese? You know, something that has some FLAVOR!

^ Respect.

I doubt it. I have a signed cassette case from the group somewhere. Most rappers don’t last too long.

i apologize, i love salami, i meant to say bologna, that nasty bland meat…i love italian food, italians are the best at eating…i want to marry an italian babe!!!

the rapper that lasts the longest in the game and still puts out fire and can walk the streets with no problem is…SCARFACE