what is your progress?

i just started book 4 of schweser. is it a liitle bit late…

If you’ve read the first 3 already, I’d say you’re in great shape. I’m reading FSA right now (book 2), and I’m way behind.

Believe it or not lola, there are people worse off than you :wink:

hard to believe, but if you say so… lol

Lola, you seem to be right on track. This upcoming week (following Schweser classes) is dedicated to FSA. Am I the only one having difficulties concentrating while doing the concept checkers and while working the QBank?

I have the same prob with concentration, wawa (as evidenced by the number of completely pointless and irrelevant posts I write on this forum every day). Damn internet.

“i just started book 4 of schweser. is it a liitle bit late…” Seriously? Your about to make a lot of people feel bad.

I am trying to finish book 3 so you are ahead of my progress thus far. But tomorrow is a holiday so I am going to try and put in a long day to catch up.

Just finished book 1, onto book 2 today

I am also studying FSA right now. I totally concur about the lack of focus and concentration. I think it’s because taking the first test in December still seems like it just happened and June is ages away. I’m not getting discouraged…yet. Hang in there all, we’ll get things done.

in class we’re up to FSA, but i’m still behind in quant. sigh.

finishing quant this weekend, econ by the end of next week.

Lola and Guhongying: Are you using CFAI curriculum? Thank you.

finished qnat,econ and PF. on to derivatives followed by fsa.

embrassing that I start with book 3 and almost finish it. far behind.

I have started with Quant (Schweser)…Read SS11-13, had no problems with SS11 & 12, got stock on SS13…finally decided to F**K it and move on, so now reading Econ and will be going back to re read SS13 from CFAI Curriculum if there is time after I am done with everything else…

just read book 1 & 2 twice… starting book 3 today.

Finishing FSA this week and moving on to corporate finance… I feel that I’m way behind, since I planned reading all material by beginning of May, but now it seems like a distant goal… :frowning:

way behind :frowning: finished asset valuation. then started from SS 5 in book 2. SS 6 has demotivated me.

finished quant/Econ/Corpfin (tonight) This is just reading through the material, I’ve yet to take any practice exams on the topics so I feel like I’m behind the ball right now.