What is your undergrad?

I have a BS in Finance and I am taking the L1 exam in Dec. 2008 in Washington D.C. I am just curious as to what degrees people have when they take the CFA. So far, I am finding my finance background to be very helpful in my understanding the material. Any thoughts?

BBA in Finance (my school didnt have it as a BS). I too am taking hte L1 exam in Decebmer 2008. Is it me, or does a lot of this material seem like a review of what we covered in for years of undergrad?

bs in math

Most definitely. I had to brush up on some of my statisics, but everything else is still pretty fresh.

liberal arts. big time. CFA charter is even more important for us dudes with weird backgrounds.

ba in religion. Ask you could probably guess, I have a lot of studying to do.

Liberal Arts in Econ and Poli Sci… and graduated nearly 10 years ago so some of this is not fresh. But working in the industry certainly helps in some areas.

BBA Finance from the very prestigious texas state university

math & physics

economics & finance

MBA in Finance and Risk management

Bachelors in Physics & Electrical engineering MBA in Finance.

BS in finance & accounting … big help in fsa

daviskr Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > BS in finance & accounting … big help in fsa Jealous…

BS Computer Science Had to study a lot, but have worked at Mutual Fund Company and Investment Dept. of Insurance Co, so that helps.

surprised I haven’t seen a marketing major like myself…BIG difference from acct & fin, but working as an accounting analyst helps some

BS in econ & accounting…hopefully it’ll help with L1. Starting to study at beginning of September.

BComm in Accounting/Econ/Finance

Did you triple major? A former classmate of mine is doing that with Financial Technology (Finance with some programming), Statistics, and Economics

computer scienece…jealous of u guys…no finn background