What % of your income do you save for retirement?

You hear about the pending retirement crisis in the U.S., where most people are not saving enough to retire at age 65 or 67. I am just curious, what % of your income do you save for retirement? I try to save around 15% - 17% of my income for retirement (I put a good chunk into 401k, and max out IRA). I feel if I do this for 35 or 40 years I should be in good shape, although saving is tough (there is always plenty of stuff to spend money on). What about you guys?


I max my 401k (always have). If I keep maxing and can average 7% growth per year, I should be okay.

I save a huge percentage of my income… but I have extremely low living cost. Most people with the same means would not tolerate my standard of living…

Save 8% in the 401k with a 6% match, so that is 14% of salary. Have about $20-30k liquid at a given time and one rental property, which I consider an investment for the long run. Used to have two rental properties, but I now live in one.

I save 1% which maxes out my 401k by mid May.

My company match is variable so it depends on how the year went. Total contribution - the lowest was 15% and highest was 24%.

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I do 12% with a 4% company match, so 16% total.

14% + 6% match + ~3% discretionary contribution during bonus season

So ~23%…But I’m young so that’s not a whole lot.

I guess mine is a little low compared to most, but I do 8% with 5% match so 13% total

7% + 3% match - relying on you savers to finance my golden years. Don’t blame me when the govmint takes all y’all’s 401Ks to pay for my medical expenses. I warned you.

(Except you New Zealander guy and ohai. Your repsective govmints are already screwing you over with too damn high taxes, I imagine.)

3% for group RRSP, company matches 3% (maxed out, will change to 5% in another year or two)

3% to employee share ownership plan RRSP, with employer matching 30% of that. I can contribute up to 15% max and get the 30% match, but unfortunately I don’t make enough to pay my student loans and do that at the same time. Come raises in a couple months and I’ll be able to do it though (hopefully)

So currently, I’m effectively contributing 9.9%, plan to up it to 25.5% effectively by June.

6% into a 401k with a 6% match. I used to max out both roth and trad IRAs but that money is now being directed into a 529. Kids are expensive.

25%, but like ohai, I have a low cost of living.

Employer puts in 14%, I put in another 6%, rest goes into trading account.

0% son, im just gonna send myself out on an ice floe when I want to retire.

I do a lot of different vehicles (401K, SEP IRA, ROTH when I can, reg IRA when not, then traditional account) and overall I think of my gross income from all sources (self employment, salary, bonus, dividend/int income, etc) I must put like 25-30% and then get small company match.

I max my Roth IRA. Also, when I start my new job in a couple weeks, I’ll be putting 5% in my 401k (simply to get the full company match). Company matches dollar for dollar first 5% + 5% year end bonus. Those two accounts put me at ~20% savings/income.

My cost of living is cheap relative to my income so cash just builds in my bank/taxable investment accounts. Personally I’d rather have the majority of my investments in taxable accounts to take advantage of the favorable tax rates on investment income. Also if I decide I want to move countries or something later, its a lot easier to just move cash rather then having a bunch of PITA retirement accounts.

Wait, if 1% of your compensation maxes out your 401k by mid May, that means you made $1,700,000 in 5 months.