What other measures are you taking besides studying?

I’ve starting:

Taking Omega fish oil tablets

listening to Mozart

Adjusting sleep schedule to match exam day

Wearing same clothing doing practice problems as I will for exam day

Using same pens as exam day

new battery for the 12C

i had all my body hair removed yesterday.

Sending heart-shaped boxes of chocolates to CFA graders

Ha redbull in the break between am and pm to see if it works better than coffee or not?

Limiting my time on AnalystForum, this place can be a blackhole.

Spent considerable time staring at pictures of pigeons, just to get it out of my system.

I have two of everything. two of the same calculator. two of the same pen. and two automatic pencils. printed my exam ticket twice too. The only thing I have to do is not keep them all in the same place.

having more sex

How do you get 2 passports?

I have two passports but only use one. the one on the exam ticket.

tons of coffee (at least 4+ cups a day)

walked to exam testing center

massages at least once a week

not overdoing my daily prep - 4-5 hours daily

going to do 2012 mock with erasable pen this weekend

paleo diet - my mind functions much better without grains

multi-vitamin daily, but that is not specific to CFA prep

making sure I have some time to wind down every day… try to avoid burnout

week before exam off from work

I think I burned out. Have been putting in 5-6 hours each night after work and it finally caught up to me today. Made a couple mistakes at work and my boss told me I am studying too much and it is showing… I think I am going to take the night off from studying. I am easily at 400 hrs at this point and am scoring well so it is time for a short break. Then I have all next week off so that will be nice.

Relax a bit guys, few hours of rest here and there is not going to make or break at this point. The thing to make sure is to maintan a consistent rhythm and not burn out. Brain needs time to settle down all the stuff it has been going through the last few months. It’s like a database commit() trnasaction, it takes time to sync in the knowledge and make it permanent, else It becomes diffcult to recall whatever we studied on the exam day. It’s those 6 hours that matter!

how are you managing sleep, no matter what i do i cant fall asleep the night before the exam??

any help???

Same here Igor. For level II last year I actuallygot a hotel room to have a quiet place away from everyone to sleep in. I ended up checking out at 3am and going home (and managed toi sleep 2 -3 hours once i got home lol)

Eating less processed foods

Switched from coffee to tea

Trying to be done studying by 10:30, in bed by 11

No alcohol

Got a massage from a coworker

My plan for Level 2 last year was get up early on Friday. Avoid all stimulants (coffee, soda, etc). Avoid napping. Get ready for bed by 8pm and then take some sleep aids. Woke up nice an refreshed on exam day.

I also have trouble sleeping the night before the exam. I am so stressed and afraid to oversleep. I even set three alarm clocks. But never need them because I can’t sleep anyway. so the last time I just took days off and sleep the Friday till noon.

that’s nothing. in new york, all the real hard core CFA candidates bring tents to the test site. they are camped out 2 days before the actual exam and sleep on the sidewalk outside the test center.

What? Are you serious prophets? That is insane. Can’t imagine they are rested after sleeping on a sidewalk for 2 nights.