What profession are you in?

After joining in AF, I have somehow become addicted to it. Its sort of like a home tutor, only that the number of tutors are unlimited. In any case, I think that we could not only help each other in understanding CFA materials but also other practical financial stuff used by analysts. I am working as a Financial Analyst (mostly equity analysis) and I continuously face some problems and some unanswered questions which if solved could help me do my work even better. And I think that some of the guys in AF can easily solve those questions for me. So, to help each other more, why doesnt everybody tell their current professions so that we can ask questions to those with professions same to us.

I’m a gardener.

Am assets and liability analyst mainly responsible for hedging banks position against interest rate and liquidty risk

Computer installer. : )


treasury analyst


I’m a magician. will be unemployed as of August 14. Mostly corp. finance and management (budget planning, expense analysis, ROI, project analysis) Moving to DC in August. My long term goal is to become a portfolio manager, either independent or w/ a small firm.

Institutional Sales

was out of topic. lol.

Asif: The best place to start in bank valuation IMHO is the Call Report and related UBPR: - http://www.ffiec.gov/UBPR.htm - http://www2.fdic.gov/ubpr/UbprReport/SearchEngine/Default.asp Pay specific attention to ROAA, NIM, charge-offs and delinquencies, ALLL levels, and capital levels. All found in the UBPR.

Brokerage (distribution of investment products)

Internal Corporate Finance for a utility company. Job scope almost similar to slorte.

Sell side / professional breakdance

credit analyst

financial rep

equity analyst for an investment advisory boutique

i know this may come as a surprise…business banker. moonlighting as a chip n dales dancer

investor relations

Fresh Grad in Electronics - Unemployed - Teaching Guitar - Making B-plans - Soliciting funds :smiley: ! I have my long time focus on Hedge Fund , although right now i don’t see a remote possibility of job related to hedge fund , so trying my luck in real business and will enter hedge fund through MBA or M&A (if they take me) , So targeting US MBA after few years .