What’s good water cooler??

Pretty lit - on a thursday!!

2 dollar margs biaaaaaaatch

Monster Ultra Violet is meh. I won’t buy it again. Chick-fil-A strawberry jam is pretty good for dipping Chick-fil-A chicken nuggets. Matlock is on in the break room. Am I the only non-Baby Boomer here? It’s still a decent show I guess. Full Moon BBQ makes some bangin’ ass cookies.

I have some bison meat in the fridge that I need to cook, but won’t have time for a few days. No! Sleep! Til… Maybe tomorrow afternoon? I dunno. Gonna be a shitty weekend.

You at the library again?

Go study, no days or nights off.

i was driving to work today and i heard the song by bts and halsey (i’d like to penetrate her as well). anyways i actually like their new song boy with love. it was mostly incoherent babble, but i like the poppy sound and have added it to my playlist. anyways after much thots im pretty sure im gay friendly.

They seem nice .

Best Water Cooler in the world:


Oh child please.

Was pleased that wife brought a Chick Fil A for me, but I now realize that it was probably just sitting at her work for all day as I am now experiencing the effects.

You and me both brother…